~What is Web Courtesy?~

Welcome to the Help Station! Today we're discussing "Web Courtesy!"

Fex: Our guest today is the kind and helpful Pyro~ :3

Fex: How are you today, Pyro?

Pyro: YAY! They liked me enough to let me do another one!! ....Er.. I mean...*shifty eyes* I'm good. =3

Fex: XD

Fex: Well, Py, let's start by telling our readers what web courtesy is.

Pyro: Sure thing Fexy!

Pyro: Web courtesy is not being a pain in the squee to other web-goers along with other things like that. =3

Fex: Exactly~ :3

Fex: So why is it good to use web courtesy?

Pyro: Though I find a lot of people aren't very good with Web Courtesy... You find that Fexy?

Fex: Quite often I do. D:

Fex: So why is it good to use web courtesy?

Pyro: So people will respect you and like you. And so you don't get banned or anything like that.

Pyro: Getting banned is BAAAAD.

Fex: Yesh.

Fex: I imagine most of the readers know what the golden rule is. Why don't you tell them anyway, Pyro... :3

Pyro: Treat others how you wish to be treated~! That's the golden rule in my school too. =D Though, still, yet to be followed...

Fex: D: Tsk, tsk. It's sad how few people follow the golden rule.

Pyro: Yes... Very sad. They'll be the ones after us with smiley signs once the time comes... O_o

Fex: Indeed.

Fex: So, is there ever a time that it's okay to not use web courtesy?

Pyro: I don't think so. Unless it's sarcasm. But you have to let people know it is or they'll get mad.

Fex: Right~ :3

Fex: Where are the most important places to use web courtesy?

Pyro: Anywhere. =3 But I find mostly forums, comment boxes, and descriptions are places you should especially.

Fex: I agree.

Fex: For those who don't know, what are forums, comment boxes, and descriptions?

Pyro: Forums are places to go and chat, usually on a certain topic or turned into Role-Playing stories.

Pyro: Comment boxes are what the name says, a box you can leave a comment in.

Pyro: And descriptions, I'm referring to pictures and such. The explanations or stories behind them should have proper web courtesy.

Fex: Ah, I see. c:

Fex: Can you give some examples of times when web courtesy is extremely important?

Pyro: Well, when talking to the webmaster it's way important. They control your banishment.

Pyro: Also, when talking to others older than you. Gotta respect them.

Pyro: And, last thing I can think of would be if you want to be taken seriously. For example, if you want to start an online business. You don't want to scare your customers off.

Fex: Those are some good examples. :3

Pyro: Yay! =D

Pyro: And for us we have the oh-so wonderful Blursh as our webmistress. And she's older than us. Doubly respect there.

Fex: But you should treat all with respect, not just those who are older than you.

Pyro: Yesh. =3

Fex: Do you have any younger siblings, Pyro?

Pyro: No I do not. Though with my big brother... sometimes it feels like I do. >_> But I have a lot of younger friends.

Fex: I don't have any younger siblings, either.

Fex: But I know that those younger than you often look up to you as a role model of sorts.

Pyro: 'Of sorts'.... xD

Fex: XD They do whatever you do, and like whatever you like.

Pyro: Well then why hasn't the local forest burned dow---ER. I MEAN... O_O >_>

Fex: lawl

Pyro: *cough* ...No one heard that.

Pyro: I hope....

Fex: XD Anyway, if they see you not using web courtesy, they won't use it either.

Fex: Those that look up to them will stop using web courtesy...

Pyro: That'd be worse. Spawning new generations of courtesy-less kids and it's our fault? You can feel the guilt.

Fex: And soon the world will become a great big ball of hate! <3 *shot*

Pyro: Oh noes! *gasp* D:

Fex: 'Oh noes' indeed. >:

Fex: That's why it's so important to be courteous in every aspect of life, not just online.

Pyro: Yesh. =3

Pyro: So Fexy, anything else?

Fex: Well, this page is quite short compared to the others.

Fex: I think I'll ask another question~ :3

Pyro: Alrighty then.

Fex: *digs a question out of a giant heap of stuff on the floor*

Fex: Okay, Pyro, what do you think is the most neglected web courtesy rule?

Pyro: Hm... That's a toughie... I'd think probably content.

Fex: What do you mean by that? O:

Pyro: Like, just what's talked about. You know there's a bunch of creepy weirdos around.

Fex: Yeah, that's true. >.> *shifty eyes*

Fex: There's so much inappropriate stuff online. Almost everywhere you turn there's someone saying something rude, or a perverted picture, or whatever... D: It's sick.

Pyro: Yeah. And since it's the INTERNET, people can get away with just about anything. =/

Fex: So sad... :c

Fex: That's another reason why showing courtesy is important.

Pyro: Yup. No one wants to hear or see about stuff like that.

Fex: >: That's right.

Fex: Anyway, let's move on to the next question.

Fex: What are some courtesy rules that shouldn't waiver no matter what?

Pyro: Keep it age appropriate and behave.

Fex: Exactly. You never know when someone younger than 13 is going to be wandering around. You don't want them to be scarred for life, do you? DO YOU?!

Fex: *spaz*

Pyro: ....Um... no...?

Pyro: *scared of Fex right now*

Fex: >3

Pyro: .... *backs away*

Fex: :3 Let's move on to the next question~ <3

Fex: lawl

Fex: What are some things that can annoy others?

Pyro: Spam, advertising, and flaming. BAD BAD BAD! xP xDDDDDDD

Fex: Is there ever a time when those three things are acceptable?

Pyro: Um... Bandwagons?

Fex: XD

Pyro: Hey, bandwagons are MADE of spam. xD

Fex: That's true. XD

Fex: But when is advertising acceptable?

Pyro: When you have a commercial. xD

Pyro: No, when you get permission to advertise...?

Fex: XD Okay, I was thinking of when you're posting on a plugboard, but that works too. lawl

Pyro: ....What's a plugboard...? xD

Fex: XD It's like a comment box, except you enter your site's URL and button image, and then it links to your site~ :3

Fex: *is really bad at explaining*

Pyro: Ooooh. I know what you mean. =D

Fex: So, when is flaming acceptable?

Pyro: Only if it's constructive criticism.

Fex: I was going to say never, but you're right, too... sorta... XD

Pyro: Oh... XD

Fex: But yeah, constructive criticism is good. :3 Just don't be too harsh and be like "omg ur art is ugleh. D<"

Pyro: XD Yeah. That's just plain mean.

Fex: So, what are some courtesies to remember as a webmistress/webmaster of a site?

Pyro: Be a benevolent webowner. Don't give people a reason to want to leave. =3

Fex: Right.

Fex: And for those who don't know, benevolent means to do good things without being asked and stuff like that. :3

Pyro: Mhmm! =D

Fex: Well, that ends our little chat about web courtesy. Good night and best wishes to all who took the time to read this~

Fex: Say bye, Pyro~ :3

Pyro: Sayonara! =D