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~Thank You~

Professional Thank You To:

C-Box's comment boxes
Email Me Form
Freewebs site hosting
Global Trading Station Plus
Cave Of Dragonflies' tutorials
HTML Code Tutorials image editing
Photobucket Image Hosting references & sprites
and any other site I may have forgotten. If I forgot you or someone, please tell me and I'll add them. Thanks again.

Personal Thank Yous From The Staff Of Stareon's Hideout.

A basic thanks couldn't really ever do, not when everyone has helped us along so much, but this is the shortened version. Thanks to... everyone!

BLURSH would like to thank:
all our Staff
And Everyone else who I may have forgotten.

Fexible would like to thank:
Blursh for... everything! Thanks for the laughs, the awkward pauses, the picture chains, the indeeds(and insqueeds :D), and all the random gifts you've given me. Oh, and for burning those CDs for me. :3
Anny for being online late at night(well, not that late for you) when I needed some encouragement, for telling me about Maximum Ride, and for being just plain awesome. <3
GT/Embery for COOKIE LAND~ :D
Pyro for that awesome Japanese soda stuff. I still have the bottle! c:
S-L for hosting the Oekaki. :3
Pom/Kuruki for giving me a nickname longer than life itself. And for the Fexigranate seeds. :D
Kronakat for being a great friend and a fun person to RP with.
Eevee-chan for letting me beta-test her site, and for inspiring me to learn HTML.
You! Yes, you. Without you, where would this site be? Sitting in a dark hole somewhere, collecting dust, that's where. And I'd be there with it. Cuz I like to sit in dark holes in my spare time. :D

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