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Stareon (Japanese: スターリア Starria) is a unknown-type Pokémon with the ability to change type depending on its opponent. It evolves only from shiny Eevee when exposed to a Star Stone, a rare shard brought from space by certain Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable, when the stars align in a special pattern. It is one of Eevee's final forms, the others being Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.

It is a legendary Pokémon owned by Kelly that first appears in "The Chronicles of Master Kelly."


Stareon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with a slender body and a long, flowing purple mane. It has pure white fur, a long tail with a golden star at the tip, and greenish-blue eyes. The star-shaped shield on its head has a golden line that goes around the outside of the shield, while the inside is white. It also contains eight stars on it's back. In order, the colors of the stars are blue, yellow, red, purple, black, green, light blue, and pink on its back, representing the eight known Eevee evolutions, and a white star on its left paw. Stareon is extremely rare in the wilderness, and is more commonly found with trainers or breeders of exotic or shiny Pokémon in urban areas.


In "The Chronicles of Master Kelly"

Pokémon Breeder Azure rescues a shiny Eevee being bullied by the Eevee clans in the Greenridge Forest for being different. Azure finds that the Eevee is having a hard time adjusting to the Breeding Center, the other Pokémon, and people. Having a very timid nature, she does not progress until Azure gives her to Kelly to train. Kelly renames her Ghost because of her pallid appearance. Hesitant at first, the shiny Eevee makes no progress for a long time, although gradually getting tamer and showing a playful side. One day, when reading about a legendary shiny Eevee evolution, Kelly embarks on a journey to find a Star Stone on the night the stars align with the number nine. She finds the Star Stone from a Clefairy and after leveling up Ghost by battling the clan of wild Eevee that previously bullied her, she begins glowing and evolves into Stareon.

In The "Star Hunt" Game

In level one, Kelly and the shiny Eevee, also known as Ghost, are seen searching for the "star stone" because the stars will be in perfect alignment that night. First they follow a set of footprints that leads them to level two where they find a Cleffa who speaks a foreign language. In level three, Kelly finds a dictionary with the language the Cleffa speaks and translates the Cleffa's song about the star stone, which goes like this: "Finding is but a game, but if it's found, you are worth all fame. It lies in the cave waiting for you. Go in three paces and find a shiny thing that is new." In level four, Ghost searches around until she finds a cave with a shiny Clefable inside. Clefable is seen atop a rock and tells Kelly and Ghost that she's hidden the Star Stone, but has forgotten where. The only clue is that it is somewhere hot near something cool. In level five, they venture deeper into the cave's legendary hot springs and the star stone is seen lodged in tight among a never-melt-ice block, a rare type of ice that only melts in extremely hot conditions. Kelly suggests transferring to her, with her P.P.C. (Personal Portable Computer), her strongest Vaporeon named Aquaseasta and her strongest Flareon named Pyrolaurel. In the sixth and final level, Pyrolaurel launches his strongest Flamethrower attack at the ice, melting the top half of the ice, leaving the indestructible star stone unharmed and exposed. Aquaseasta, with his mighty fins, swims through the hot springs, unaffected by the intensely hot water, to the ice rock, grabs the star stone with his mouth, and brings it to Kelly and Ghost. It is then said that Ghost places her left paw on the stone and in that moment the stone glows and sparkles. Rays of light emit from Ghost ten times brighter than the shining stars outside to create Stareon, who is seen in the link provided on the bottom of the page, with a reward for those who've completed all levels

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When was Stareon first created?
Back in the late 90s, back when BLURSH and Fexible didn't really know what the internet was, they were playing with Pokémon plushies that Fexible owned(that little plushie nerd) and BLURSH showed Fexible her idea of Stareon. Stareon was, in BLURSH's mind, a new Eeveelution (since there was only Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon at the time), that could transform, teleport, and had seven stars on its back, now eight stars. When the stars aligned with the eight stars (back then seven) on Stareon's back, something magical would happen, but BLURSH and Fexible didn't really know what. Unfortunately, Fexible's drawing skills were undeveloped back then, so they couldn't draw what Stareon looked like on paper, and the idea of fake Pokémon soon became inactive. But Stareon was never forgotten.

So, if the idea of Stareon went inactive, why is there now a website dedicated to it?
In 2006, BLURSH and Fexible discovered Pokémon sites such as Eonlight Valley and The Cave of Dragonflies. They didn't really want to make a website until BLURSH found The Pokémon Tower, a site dedicated to fanart and fanfiction. BLURSH soon was dedicated to learning about HTML, and the idea to make a website of their own followed shortly after. They didn't know what to call the site, but a phone conversation quickly solved that problem. Fexible asked about what happened to Stareon, their fake Pokémon from the 90s, and together, the two created a new appearance for it. Then, later in an e-mail coversation, they decided to make Stareon the main mascot for their new site, and BLURSH came up with the name Stareon's Hideout. On January 14th, 2006, Stareon's Hideout officially became a reality.

I've seen other things about Stareon on this site, and now I'm confused. White Eevee? Star stone?
A fake Eeveelution should have a way for the Eevee to evolve into it, yes? Well, BLURSH and Fexible thought of something different. Only shiny Eevee can evolve into Stareon, and that's only when they find a Star Stone: a star shard that certain Clefairy bring from space. BLURSH calls shiny Eevee "White Eevee." BLURSH has also been known to call White Eevee "Ghost", apparently in relation to the fanfiction called "The Chronicles of Master Kelly," where Stareon first debuts in literature.


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