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Most Needed Position(s): graphic artist, spelling/grammar checker, link tester, newspaper writer, accuracy tester
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BLURSH-- webmistress, Fexible-- co-webmistress, & Snorlaxaichu9254-- co-webmaster
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Site Staff:

Nicknames: MattyT (or Cerealbar)
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Element: Fire
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, video games, riding my motorcylce that I'm in love with, hanging with my buddies (not Justin/Snorlaxaichu LOL), and just enjoy life in itself and everything it has to offer.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: Ender's Game
Favorite Pokemon: Pidgeotto
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Pokemon I'm most like: Machamp
Animal I'm most like: Africian Lion
Positions: General writer, graphic artist, link tester, accuracy tester, and saving the best for last... Being better than Justin lol.

Nickname: Sugg (or Suga' Shaine or Suga)
Birthstone: Emerald
Element: Obsidian
Hobbies: Lazyness
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: Artemis Fowl
Favorite Pokemon: Gengar
Favorite Animal: Komodo Dragon
Pokemon I'm most like: Totodile/Gengar
Animal I'm most like: Batman
Positions: Errythang [But, seriously: general writer, graphic artist, link tester, other]

Nickname: Eni
Birthstone: Ruby
Element: Fire
Hobbies: Pretty much anything
Favorite Color: White, Red
Favorite Book: Smithsonian Dinosaurs
Favorite Pokemon: Ho-Oh
Favorite Animal: Macaws
Pokemon I'm most like: Flareon
Animal I'm most like: Cockatoo
Positions: text editor, spellchecker, writer

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For Graphic Designers and Artists-- November 15, 2015

Need some help making awards. Leave a comment in the cbox, if you're interested.

For General, Fanfic, & Newspaper Writers--November15, 2015

The Apricorn Times needs writers to spring into action! If you're interested in writing gaming articles, reviews, opinions, news, or more contact me. We give our writers a lot of wiggle room in writing what they enjoy talking about, and we give constructive criticism to make you a better writer. It's a great job for those interested in gaming, anime, art, and journalism.

FOR ALL STAFF MEMBERS--November 15, 2015

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I work for Stareon's Hideout!

I work for Stareon's Hideout!

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