What's A Smiley?

Welcome to the Help Station! Today's topic is about "Smilies?"

Fex: Our guest today is avid smiley fan, Pyro~ :3

Pyro: =D Yay for smilies!! They make the world go 'round. <3

Fex: How are you today, Py?

Pyro: I'm fine. Can't you see from the smiley? =3

Fex: :3 lol

Fex: Awesome. So, first question:

Fex: What is a smiley?

Pyro: A smiley is, when on the computer or any other form of device on which you can type, a composition of letters and symbols to resemble any form of emotion. =3 *proud of important sounding definition*

Fex: Wow, that definition is better than anything I can come up with! O:

Pyro: I've been in school too long. Let's just put it that way Fexy. O-o And by too long, I mean six or so hours.

Fex: lol Anyway, give an example of some commonly used smilies.

Pyro: Well there's a lot. I'll just list a few: =D, X_x, O_O, =3, >D, O=, and =P

Pyro: You can substitute the equals signs for the colon but I prefer the equals. =3

Fex: What about XD? That's one of the most common smilies.

Pyro: Oh of course! XD or xD or XD with any number of D's after it is used for when you find something hilarious, or very funny. Which I often do, so I tend to over use this poor smiley. Look at it sideways, like said in the Chatspeak portion of our fine educational lessons, and the X's are the eyes squinted together, and the D or D's are the mouth. The more D's show how much more you're laughing. I find it a good substitute to the overly used 'lol'.

Fex: Or you can be like me, and use XD and lol at the same time. :3 *shot*

Pyro: Yes, that's always possible. xD

Fex: On to the next question~ c:

Pyro: ....That smiley looks like it has a big nose. xDDDDD *points*

Fex: XD

Fex: Okay, next question:

Fex: Do you think there's a time where it's inappropriate to use smilies?

Pyro: Yes, when you're writing anything important. Ex-- a story, homework, a letter (unless you and the recipient both use them then I find it fine), or anything else you want to add seriousness to.

Pyro: You can't expect to be taken seriously when you constantly use smiley faces, I hate to say.

Fex: So true.

Fex: No wonder nobody takes me seriously... lawl

Pyro: Well then you need to learn what I call, 'smiley resistance'. =3

Pyro: It's when you just remember when smilies are appropriate or not. I find an easy way to remember: if I'm not using chatspeak, I don't use smilies. This is an exception though because we're education people about smilies.

Fex: Right.

Fex: So if I was on a Role Playing site, I wouldn't be using smilies when in character. Right?

Pyro: This is correct! Your character would never be using smilies unless on a computer or texting! Unless you put (()) as OOC talk to other members, smilies should be avoided.

Fex: Just for the newbies reading, what does OOC stand for?

Pyro: Out of Character. It's if you're talking to other members within your post, or when your character is not going along with their normal personality standards.

Fex: I see. :3

Fex: So, do you think that someone could become addicted to using smilies, much like someone can become addicted to, say, alcohol, cigarettes, or sugar-free gum?

Pyro: Of course. Anything is addictive. Trust me. *chewing gum* ... >_>

Pyro: Being addicted to smilies isn't a bad thing, I think. Only if you forget when it's proper to use them.

Pyro: I mean, the world needs a little happiness. Why not spread it with smilies? JOIN THE BANDWAGON! xDDDDDD

Pyro: Alright, never mind, there is no bandwagon of smilies....yet. >D

Fex: *plans to make smiley bandwagon* C<

Pyro: *joins in the plotting*

Fex: So, Pyro, what are your favorite smilies?

Pyro: I like =D, xD, =3, O_o, >D, and >3. ^_^ Oh... that too.

Pyro: Oh and of course, : D

Pyro: It's squee in a computer smiley!

Fex: Awesome~ :3

Fex: My favorite smiley would have to be :3

Pyro: The lion! Oh I love the lion. If only people could make that face... *tries and fails*

Pyro: And yes, some smilies even have names!

Pyro: They must be loved huh Fexy?

Fex: Yesh.

Fex: Give some examples of smilies with names.

Pyro: Well there's the Lion =3, Squee : D, and what my friend Miuki dubbed, the Fish xD.

Pyro: If you look at it it DOES resemble a fish.

Fex: Oh, yeah, it does look like a fish. :3 Cool.

Fex: Do you think smilies will soon take over the internet?

Pyro: Possibly. I've been seeing them more often around various sites. Just think -- when smilies take over the world, what'll happen to ACTUAL smiles? O_o

Pyro: *dramatic music*

Fex: O: Indeed.

Fex: People will walk around with signs that have smilies on them, instead of actually showing emotion.

Pyro: That'd just be plain creepy....

Fex: Yeah.

Fex: Anyway, let's move on to another question.

Fex: Earlier we talked about being addicted to smilies.

Fex: Do you think that there is a cure for smiley addiction?

Pyro: Probably someone's found a way to get over it. Let's hope we learn of it soon as to help everyone with this addiction. =3

Fex: So while there is no official cure for smiley addiction, what do you think you can do to get over it?

Pyro: Use them in moderation or not at all. Though, I admit, the latter is very hard to accomplish. =3

Fex: I agree with you. Stopping smiley usage is next to impossible.

Fex: Which do you prefer, text smilies or emoticons?

Fex: And for those who don't know, what is an emoticon?

Pyro: Text smiles. I find emoticons.... annoying. Mostly because they're usually automatic. And emoticons are pretty much pictures of smilies.

Fex: Yes, emoticons can be quite annoying.

Fex: But what about the emoticons that we have on our Oekaki? They feature cute Eeveelutions making faces. :3

Pyro: Oh those I don't mind at all! But the automatic ones set for AIM , Yahoo, and other messengers.... >_> Not so much.

Fex: Yeah, I agree with you there.

Fex: Well, Pyro, thanks so much for answering our smiley-related questions~ c:

Fex: Do you have any last words of advice before you go?

Pyro: Um... Don't eat the yellow snow? ....Eh that's all I got. ^^;

Fex: XD

Fex: Readers, let's give Pyro a big round of applause for joining us tonight.

Fex: *claps*

Pyro: *bows* Thank you! I'll be here 'till.... Er... 'Till I get called back! =D

Fex: Well, that ends our discussion about smilies. Good night and best wishes to all smiley users out there!