~Help With A Busy Schedule~

You're at that age where you've got a billion things to do. Planning is not your best area, but all the sudden everyone tells you that you need to take responsibility. You've got to now balance homework, your friends, karate, dance, swimming, soccer, art, and a website. You've got a hectic life as it is and now on top of all that, you need to keep track of things? This is nuts! Here's some help with a busy schedule.

First off, you wake up every morning. You know right off what kind of day you're gonna have, right? Wrong! You can wake up feeling cruddy and things can pick up, or you can wake up like a sunny, happy, go-lucky kid and be miserable by the end of the day. Why's this? Sometmes you just can't deal with your schedule. So, it's important to make out a realistic schedule of the day.

Right now, go get your personal calendar from your room. Look at today's date. What's written underneath it? Some person's phone number? A smiley face? Nothing? Use your calendar like a partner in crime. There are seven days a week. Aim to conquor at least 5 of them. On the weekdays write what you are going to do, get this, before you do it.

This kind of planning doesn't make you a psychic or able to see the future, it makes you prepared. Statistically, kids and adults who have clear, neat schedules are more likely to be punctual and succeed. Effeciency doesn't come easy to all; it's harder for some than others. Yes, being effecient takes effort, but it is all worth it in the end.

You may have so much going on, though, you don't have enough hours in the day. Could cut back on somethings? Your parents want you to succeed, but they don't want you to suffer burn-out. If you can't juggle it all, tell your parents that. Don't say you can't do your homework. That's important, so do it! But, something extra, like an after-school class that isn't required, may need to be cut from your schedule. Know your limits. If you are doing too much, try and cut back on the less important things so that you have energy for what is important.

Which brings us to that terrible "P" word: PRIORITIZE. You may not want to do it, but in this hectic world today, you need to find what's really important and put it on top. Finish your homework first, and then hang with your friends, and then get on the computer for some relaxation. Work things out in a logical order, as much as "logical" seems to go against your brain pattern. You are unique and different, but that doesn't mean you have to be disorganized.

Try this right now. Get a piece of paper and write a list of all the things you have to do this week. Put them in order of importance by numbering them. That's called prioritizing. If you can get a knack for that, you can do anything!

In a crazy everybody's-gotta-have-a-tablet-with-bluetooth-and-wifi-and-gotta-have-the-latest-smart-phone-caramel-expresso-latte-fashion-guru-world, it's easy to get left behind on what's new. (Who can follow it all?) Ask yourself seriously, do you need to have the latest of everything? Should you spend your babysitting money on a new hand-held gaming device (even though you have one from last year and it works just fine) instead of on something important?

Make sure you have exercise on your schedule: Exercising Balance. When you have too much going on and have to give something less important up for a while, even if you love it, you deserve respect for exhibiting balance. Sometimes you just need to have a little space, cut back temporarily, and wait for things to smooth out again. That's okay, and your loved ones will understand. Just don't leave your friends and family behind, and don't sacrifice what is most important to you. Always have one thing in life that is constant, one thing you hold dear that you'll never let go, and you'll get through this crazy world just fine.

It's tough making these kinds of decisions, but we live in a trendy world where kids think for themselves. However, just because everyone does this doesn't mean you shouldn't consult your parents. Never make a rash decision alone. Eventually you will get to the point where you will make decisions by yourself, when you are an adult, and you will still need advice. Just choose the right advice. If you are going to think at all, think wisely. If you are a kid, you don't have to be a studious, proper mini-adult right now. However, no matter your age, you need to think before you act.

Above all things, don't stress yourself out! Have fun, be random, love life, live it, and be creative. Having a good sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously will really help out. Instead of letting things overwhelm you, big or small, take a deep breath and make a list of what you need to tackle first. Never hesitate to ask for help when things get too difficult. Some burdens are too big to not be shared.

A day-by-day calendar will help you figure out your crazy schedule. A sound mind will help you to plan events and your schedule. Sticking to your goals and not sweating the small stuff will help you to not get overly stressed.

Remember: Plan AHEAD Or You'll Get Left BEHIND.