~Pokémon Avenue Fan Club Listing~

Pokémon Avenue Fan Club ListingFan Members:

Fan Name: BLURSH
Email: pokemon.trainers@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.blurshsfanfics.webs.com

Fan Name: Buizel Boy

Fan Name: Dr. Jameson
Email: Maxecho14789@yahoo.com

Fan Name: Fexible
Website: http://www.fexiled.tumblr.com

Fan Name: Ichigo

Fan Name: Pyro

Fan Name: Sed-chan
Email: sedkitty03@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.sed-chan.proboards.com

Fan Name: Snivy

Fan Name: Snorlaxaichu9254

Fan Name: Vulzam

Fan Name: Zekrom

Pokémon Avenue Fan Club Listing
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Pokémon's been around for more than 15 years now and it still has a fan community numbering in the millions.

What's so great about Pokémon? Why, You just gotta catch 'em all! The game is addictive. Once you get it and you start filling up that Pokédex of yours, you don't wanna stop till you have all of them!

What about fans of Pokémon who have never played the Pokémon game? Clearly, the fact that there is such a variety of Pokémon contributes to its popularity. There is a Pokémon for everyone! Whether you go for cuddly and cute, or macho and gritty, there is a Pokémon for you! And, once you start collecting the cards, you want to get all of your favorite Pokémon!

Those that haven't played the TCG or and of the Nintendo games that are still fans probably became fans from the popular anime show starring Ash Ketchum and his trusty sidekick, Pikachu. Most likely, you watched every week, maybe even everyday. You followed Ash and his team from Pallet Town to the Pokémon League, from Kanto to Johto to Hoenn to Sinnoh to Unonva to Kalos. Maybe you were just an original fan who remembers Misty, Brock, Gary, Professor Oak, Richie, Todd, Tracy, Professor Ivy, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, the comical Team Rocket and Meowth, and Jigglypuff who always shows up to sing.

Were you a kid or a teen when Pokémon intrigued you? Well, based on the fact that you are reading this, you are still loving it many years after launch. Some original fans may have died out in devotion, some became disinterested, and some simply grew up and no longer felt they were young enough to like Pokémon anymore, but there are the rare few that are still strong today.

You are one of them.Show your devotion to Pokémon, to your childhood, and to friendship! How? Join us at Stareon's Hideout. Join Pokémon Avenue, Stareon's Hideout's Official Fan Listing for Pokémon Fans of all ages and backgrounds!

Fans & Members of Pokémon Avenue of Stareon's Hideout will be listed on this page. As a member you will receive an official Pokémon Avenue & Stareon's Hideout member badge. Members can opt to be on our mailing list and get a newsletter full of Pokémon goodies and news from The Pokémon Gazette, run by Stareon's Hideout (by request only). Also, just by adding your name to Pokémon Avenue Fan Listing, you'll automatically receive a unique coupon code you can use in the Sunshine Shoppe or Sylveon's Bowtique.

The more fans we have join, the more we can unite and stay strong! Pokémon Fans Forever Unite Here!!!

*** Do you want to see your name on our fanlisting? Fill out the form below! Pass on the love of Pokémon by posting a link to our fan listing on your social networking site after you've joined. Include #pokemonavenuefanclub as a hashtag. Soon, Stareon's Hideout will launch a social networking account you can follow. #pokemon #gottacatchemall #favoritepokemon #proudpokemonfan #pokemontcg #pokemonanime #pokemonforthewin #pokemonforever #pokemonave #pokemonavenuefanclub #socialnetworking #hashtagging #havefunpeople ***

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