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September 2014
Pokémon Crossword Puzzle Number Three

2. Valerie of Laverre City Gym specializes in this type.
5. I’m the only Pokémon who has less limbs when I Mega-Evolve.
7. Use me to distract and escape from a wild Pokémon; I look like Clefairy too.
10. I’m the only electric/fairy type there is, so far!
11. You would think I’m grass type but I’m not; I’m actually a mineral egg type.
12. The Fire Starters for Gens III, IV, & V are also this type.
13. This allows babies like Togepi and Azurill to evolve.
17. I give you the Knuckle Badge if you beat me.
18. I’m the only first-gen Pokemon that Red did not catch in Pokemon origins.
19. If you use me, your mind is temporarily emptied of its concerns and your sp. stat is raised.
21. You could play as me in Super Smash Bros. Melee and I damage myself when I attack.
23. I’m east of Johto and south of Sinnoh.
24. I’m the armor Pokémon who evolves from a cocoon form.
25. My hair is a lightning bolt, I’m black and white, and I have hooves!


1. I’m a type of berry that is spicy and can leave you with swollen lips.
3. This Pokemon’s cry can be heard if you view glitch Missingno’s Pokedex data.
4. I have an Aria Forme and also a Pirouette Forme.
6. I lose my rock type when I Mega-Evolve.
8. I’m a very hungry and lazy Pokémon; this is my Japanese name.
9. Despite being Psychic/Flying, I’m known as the diving Pokémon.
10. Conspiracy theorists like to think my nose is a mouth, but look at Sugimori’s art. It’s a nose!
14. I am a normal/grass type whose form is different depending on the season.
15. I’m very useful in catching Pokémon that weigh a lot like Wailord and Snorlax.
16. In the beta for Red and Blue, my name was originally Sandstorm.
20. Bill has one of these in the anime; I was a cottage in the game.
22. I am known as the Iron Claw Pokemon, of which I have two.

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