~Making Content Original~

Of course you want your site to look awesome, but copying content from a site that is already proven to be awesome isn't the answer. Stealing is never the answer! So, the only real answer to making your site's content awesome is making the content original.

Start with making your layout original. Make sure the layout is impressive and your visitors impression of your site will go up no matter what the content. Eye-pleasing colors, matching professional-grade graphics, and unique and useful placement of content, navigational links, and banner.

Secondly, create a decent amount of pages. The less pages, the quicker your audience will get bored. If your pages don't have much to offer, people may feel like it's a waste of time going to those pages. Make sure each page has a decent amount of content, but not too much. For really long pages, it might be best to put half on one page and put a link on the bottom to go to the next page. Large blocks of text can be rather intimidating, so avoid making paragraphs too long. And, make sure what is on that page will engage your guests for a while.

How can you think up new content that's original? What is the bottom-line of your site? What is the main goal you have? Keep that in mind when creating pages. Is your site for fun, information, gaming, graphics, or help to other sites? Perhaps, your site is a mix of everything.

Visit other sites, and instead of stealing what they have, think of what they've missed. Maybe a page here or there really could have used one thing or another that isn't there. A great site may have a page that is decent, but lacks something you have to offer. Think about what it lacks and then work on it to create a page that is unique from that other site.

Never underestimate the help of a good friend to think of ideas with you. You have twice the chance of coming up with new ideas that way. Then you can create a page that is a mix of both your ideas.

When coming up with graphics or guides, do it by hand first. When you write it down, you'll see it as a whole. When you're satisfied with the hard copy of the page, put it in the computer to create the graphics you will use on your site. If you aren't very artistic, search around on forums and other Pokémon sites to see if someone will help you to create graphics. Some nice people will make them for you and let you use them, as long as you give credit and a link back to their site or page.