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Urpdedurptdedating sturffz... ☆ 10 / 07 / 15

Yeah, so I feel derpy because I missed my chemotherapy yesterday. Just feel blehhhh, but I feel like that after the infusion, too. Haha. Anyway, I will be updating soon, so no miracles, but there will be new stuff.

Still time to do the Who's That Pokémon? if you haven't. Thank you to those who have! I'll be putting up a new one in a few days, though.

Has anyone attempted the crossword we have? If not, I am thinking of redoing it because maybe it is too hard?? Give me your opinions.

Going to add new art on Flareon's Art Museum this week. Still time to add your sprites, drawings, pixel art, etc. in time for the next update.

Also, go find Fexible someone and ask her if she did Stareon's new art yet! Lol. Okay, bye! ⚙ ★ ♪


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Annnd Autumn is here! ☆ 9 / 27 / 15

Hello, all!! How's everyone enjoying autumn so far? Sorry for the update delay. There were some technical difficulties with the server. But, I've got some cool new stuff to share now, though!!

For one, "The Apricorn Times" has a few new articles added, so please go check that out. We're talking about Shuffle for 3DS and Shuffle Mobile, as well as geeking out the new Pokémon GO! set to launch in 2016.

I've added a couple new recipes on Glaceon's Ice Cream Truck, including a Pumpkaboo Pumpkin Mousse perfect for this season!! Be sure to check it out and treat yourself to a tasty treat this fall!!

Sadly, the other form used for "Who's That Pokémon?" was not working properly, although saying it sent. So, I have put up a new form. Please, if you didn't answer the previous one, check it out and if you did, try again. Sorry!! Next week, I will put up the new one.

We have some new Pokémon Scrambles for you to try out, too!! And, we have some new things I wanted to share on Jigglypuff's Rehearsal Hall: a link to a Pokémon music blog on tumblr and also a Pokémon youtube music video I enjoyed.

That's it for this week. Check back soon as more things are added. Next week we will post more new art on Flareon's Art Museum for your viewing pleasure. :)

Happy AUTUMN! ⚙ ★ ♪


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Happy *belated* September ☆ 9 / 10 / 15

Wow, it's September already! Most likely, you are back to school, or if you've graduated, you are back to work from your summer vacations, if you took one. Instead of mourning the summer being almost gone, enjoy some new exciting things that are happening!

One: Nintendo has released Pokémon Shuffle mobile version to play on phones and tablets! It's been out for a week, and it's fabulous. Fexible will be writing a review once she's gotten father in the 3DS version of the game, which was released February 18th his year. So far, I'm only a quarter done with the main levels in the mobile version, but I'm catching every Pokémon as I go, so it's taking longer. And, just ahead of me Snorlaxaichu is playing also. Soon, we'll give you an article for The Apricorn Times about it.

Two: Nintendo has also released a sneak peak trailer at a new mobile game that personally made me, an original Pokémon fan, tear up: Pokémon GO! for iOS and Android. Anyone who's dreamed of catching Pokémon in the real world will be blissfully taken away by this trailer and itching for the release, set to come in 2016. An article with more details will be written by Snorlaxaichu and posted on The Apricorn Times asap.

Three: I am hoping to be resurrecting the newspaper, The Apricorn Times, as stated twice above. But, I am also looking for more newspaper writers or anyone that loves keeping on top of gaming news of any kind, new anime, anything Pokémon-related, or just loves giving opinions on things. We need someone who can tell us when new stuff comes out, how it works, where to buy, how good it is, and more. If you like doing any of these things, please consider joining the staff.

I'm going to update again later next week also. I've got a few cool things to share and things to update and add, as usual. Have a good week.

Tell your friends. We love new visitors! ⚙ ★ ♪


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Help raise money for Connecticut Children's Medical Center through a program called Extra Life. Kids going to this hospital are facing scary, sometimes life-theatening diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, thyroid disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, a variety of genetic disorders, serious injuries, and much more. They need our help. Every donation makes a difference. Donate today. Please support this cause by visiting the team's donation page at Extra-life.org/participant/H2SL.

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August / 14 / 2015
  • More Bracelets for sale at Sylveon's Bowtique
  • New Poll below

  • Berry-Eon has a new temp layout...
  • Not much is new, but there are 7 new bracelets posted on Sylveon's Bowtique available for immediate sale. If you're interested in a specific one, you can contact me on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr @kellykittenkins or email me or post a comment in the comment box on here. I will let you know if it's still for sale or if I can make another one just for you.

    Posted a new poll below, too. Hope everyone is having a good summer so far.

    As I promised about being more regular with the OTMs, such as who's that Pokemon and pokemon scrambles, now that I'm getting chemo and starting to feel like myself again, I will be trying to check my email more often. So, that means if you have questions or suggestions or would like to submit a fanfic, sprite, poem, drawing, or whatever to be put up on the site, this is the time to do it. I'll review it carefully and be glad to add things that adhere to the rules.

    The Book Wurmple's Club is awaiting suggestions for another book. Put on your thinking caps and tell Wurmple your favorite book.

    Until I get the Stareon's Hideout and Berry-Eon social media sites up, you can follow my life, if you wish, on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram @kellykittenkins.

    Hava great day!!! ♡ ttyl.


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    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    July / 30 / 2015
  • Sylveon's Bowtique
  • Who's That Pokemon?
  • Pokemon Scrambles
  • New Polls on the "Meaningful" Polls Page
  • New recipe in Glaceon's Ice Cream Truck

  • Just redid Sylveon's Bowtique again. There will be a new layout for the Bowtique and Sunshine Shoppe shortly.

    Also check out the new recipe posted in Glaceon's Ice Cream Truck! After the Bowtique and Sunshine Shoppe is revamped, the next Eon Hangout, Glaceon's Ice Cream Truck, will get a new look and get more frozen treat recipes from the Eons.

    Midnite @ the Movies will be totally revamped soon; itwill be more like critic reviews of episodes and movies, and I will try to see if I can get what I have on DVD onto the site, too.

    And, before the end of the he year, we will be putting up another style for the main site.

    I am going to be more regular with the OTMs, such as who's that Pokemon and pokemon scrambles, now that I'm beginning to feel a little better. I will also be adding more to the Pokemon blogs and a few more interviews will go up shortly. Feel free to check out Our Team > Book Wurmple's Club and add suggestions for another book.I have a lot of art to add to the art gallery, I know. And, once Berry-Eon is revamped, we will be taking artwork there featuring chibis, kawaii artwork, baby pokemon, poke fakes of preevolutions, and anything that constitutes adorable! You can begin sending things in for review now, but it will take a while to get them up. I apologize in advance.

    I've decided to give Stareon's Hideout exclusive social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. However, Tumblr will be used as a cutesy reblog for Berry-Eon, once it is revamped and running. You will be able to submit whatever you wish to us on there and we will reblog it.

    Let me know in the comments what you're up to this summer!

    Hava an awesome week!! ♡ Keep checking back here!


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    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    July / 14 / 2015
  • Sylveon's Bowtique
  • Leave a comment about your favorite/most used social media site!
  • Stop back soon!!!

  • Just added a few things for sale to Sylveon's Bowtique. You can see them on Instagram. If you are interested in them or would like to request your own, simply leave a comment or direct message me on Instagram @kellykittenkins or on Twitter @kellykittenkins.

    I'll be getting Stareon's Hideout exclusive social media sites up once I get more items for sale. Please leave a comment and let me know which social media site you use the most.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

    Have a great week!! ♡ Talk to you all soon!


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    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    Summertime Sweetness ☆ 07-08-15

    Another post to let you all know I still visit here and this site is still active. We have been working more on the Pokécrafts and we are coming up with more stuff for the site, so please bear with me a while longer. Since I am chronically sick, I have a lot of exhausting days and it's hard for me to do a lot of work on the site, but I have not given up on it. Please don't give up on me. Never gonna give you up--*slapped*

    Happy summertime sweetness! darling!; ♡


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    Still Sick, but Alive ☆ 04-17-15

    This is just a short update to inform you I'm alive, I will be returning soon, but I am still sick, so there will be a delay. My baby boy, Abiathar, was born last month, 5 weeks early but healthy and strong! I will post some pics of him as soon as I feel better and do a real update. Until then everyone take care and keep me in your thoughts. I want to feel better soon! I have lots of ideas for the site... And life!!

    Happy Spring, y'all. ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Unusual Circumstances ☆ 12 / 01 / 14

    I can't stop saying sorry for my long absence and lack of updates, but I would like to clear a few things up. For one, these last 5 months have been really hard on me physically, as I have been extremely sick. Secondly, I will get back into the swing of things soon. And, thirdly, there is no need to worry about me or the site. We will be back better than ever soon enough.

    Now, to answer why I've been so sick. Well... As some may already know, my husband, Justin (known as Snorlaxaichu here), and I are expecting a baby in April. So for five months, I have had what is called hyperemesis gravidarum, and I have been very sick and even hospitalized because of this condition. Yes, it's the same thing that Kate Middleton had/has. I simply don't get the luxury of being a member of royalty. XD

    I have unintentionally lost a lot of weight, been very dehydrated, and more recently, I came down with a virus on top of a possible sinus infection. In the hospital, we also discovered I may have an intestinal disorder, such as ulcerative colitis, and this has also caused me to be sick. But, there's not much I can do while pregnant. However, I am past the half-way point, although I don't look it, and the baby boy is kicking and big. He is very healthy, although I'm pretty sick. I will keep updating you on this when I can. I felt you deserved to know I'm very sick, not just with the sniffles, but also that I'm getting treatment. And, pregnancy doesn't last forever, so I look forward to holding my baby boy in less than five months. Horray!!

    As for the site, I changed the Kiriban. Kushy caught the last one. I will get the prize for her once my email starts working again. If you need to contact me, try just sending a message in the cbox, since my email is giving me a hard time. I will get my emails soon, once I fire up my laptop. I haven't used it in over a month. Things have been crazy. If you need to send me a personal message, there is a direct message feature on chatango. My name there is BLURSH. I don't check that often, though, so I apologize again.

    I also added a new poll below. The new "Who's That Pokémon?" is up. Also, I added the new book to Wurmple's Book Club page, in case you are itching for a new read. Also, please check out the calendar contest on the contest page. Time is running out, and if I don't get enough entries, we won't get a calendar next year and it'll have to be pushed off again. I'd really like to send you guys new calendars, so please send in your entries. The scrambles, Fortune Cookies, and word search are still WIP. I have lots of other things I'd like to add, but they will have to wait.

    I'm going to try to teach my hubby some coding so he can help update things for me. I have so many things that can go up, but am just so exhausted. Even writing this is exhausting me. I hope I get better soon. So many factors are working against me now, I am tired as soon as I wake up. I think if I made a list of things I'm going through right now, I'd exhaust myself even more, though. So, I would just like to say thank you so much to everyone who still stops by. Please keep coming. And, I love to see comments in the cbox. Even just a hello.

    Luv u all. ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Behind The Times ☆ 11 / 04 / 14

    I apologize for taking so long. I have been unbelievably sick recently, and it has prevented me from getting things in order. There will be a delay on all the "of the month" normalcies as well as the news site, "The Apricorn Times." There are many things to update there and here, and I have them all lined up, but I'm just not well enough to execute it right now.

    What will be coming are 5 new articles and a new comic "The Apricorn Times."

    Also, the authors of Pokémon Obsidian Green and Sol Red have sent me part four, which is divided into two subsections.

    More stuff, including the new book for the book club I promised last month, and all the updates to the usual fun and games you know and love! I will update the Who's that Pokemon? soon, as well, but I'm giving you guys ONE last chance to try to guess. So far I've only got a couple guesses!! Think! You can do it!

    I'm updating the Pokemon Avenue Fan Club Listing because we have two new members, Snivy and Zekrom. Thanks for joining guys!! They have also sent in some very impressive fan art, which will soon be added to the gallery, just as soon as I'm feeling better.

    Again, sorry to keep you all waiting!! But, please check back often and leave me a comment so I know you still stop by.

    Stay strong, love much. ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Five Minutes to Midnite ☆ 10 / 13 / 14

    UPDATE TO THE UPDATE 10/14/14 at 2310 hours: More new Articles on The Apricorn Times!! Also, we have two new Staff Members, Shaine & Matt! Also, Justin (Snorlaxaichu9254) has been promoted to co-webmaster, as he has been a great help, not only with the newspaper, but also creating graphics and writing for the site. Please welcome these new stars to the team!

    Sorry for the delay. Lost internet for a few days.

    New comic and article on "The Apricorn Times." More articles to come on The Apricorn Times tomorrow.

    Pokémon Obsidian Green and Sol Red has part three up.

    Opinions for the new megas? Send them to us and we'll post them in the next article on The Times.

    More stuff coming tomorrow and later this week, including a new book for the book club and some fun goodies. Also, we'll be adding a new webmaster profile to the site and new staff members as well. And, Meechietye and Nymphleona has new art and new sprites that will be added soon, and a short bio/profile for them on the Original Characters page.

    Stick around, comment, stuff's gonna happen. Take care!

    We rule the night!!! ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Welcoming the October Moon ☆ 09 / 30/ 14

    UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 10/2/14 2135 hours A new article has been added on The Apricorn Times with some new information about the newly released Mega Evolution. Also, I forgot to mention a few new pictures have been added to our Flareon's Art Museum. Check it out!

    As mentioned previously, this website has been changed in that now we are totally unlimited. It is a new year, speaking strictly Gregorian, and with the new October Moon, I am welcoming the change with a few new things.

    And, as promised, Mega Swampert is the new boss of the splash page, rocking the wreckage! Enjoy that! There will be a poll later on to determine the next splash page which will go up in December.

    The Pokémon Gazette is now called "The Apricorn Times." The url hasn't changed yet, but it is on the menu under Our Team as The Apricorn Times. The logo is pending. There is a new PokéComic and an article up there for October. (We're running a day early.)

    And, if you haven't checked out our newest comical fanfic series Pokémon Obsidian Green and Sol Red. Part Two is also up, and three will be coming soon!

    Also, we have another lyric parody for Jigglypuff's Rehearsal Hall, this time an old classic song from the 1960's.

    Thank you for voting in the poll below and picking out the new name "The Apricorn Times." The next poll is now up!!

    There are new fortunes on the Fortune Cookies page, new Pokémon Scrambles, an October-Themed Pokémon Word Search, and a new Who's That Pokemon?. New monthlies coming later this week.

    Have a magical harvest season!!! ♡ ♡ ♡


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    PokéComic on TPG & Lyrics on JRH ☆ 09 / 17 / 14

    UPDATE: 9/18/14 1211 hours: I've upgraded to a premium account, not changing the domain name, but I am now paying for this site. The shop & a donation button will be here soon to help pay back what I just spent. Hopefully nothing is messed up more than webs has already messed up. I am very upset. Please help support SH so we can get more hits. Here's to another 2 years.

    In regards to last week's new Mega reveals, we have a PokéComic up on The Pokémon Gazette.

    Also, we have a few new parody lyrics on Jigglypuff's Rehearsal Hall. So go check that out!

    I also have someone working on new artwork for the Original Characters page. And, if you scroll to the bottom of the page (after Kelly and before Larzania the Eevee found on Eevee's Log; Akádia the Espeon found on Espeon's Diary; and Rowan the Flareon found on Flareon's Journal), Lukas' profile has been added, although he will get a different picture. The picture there currently was gift art from Pyro in 2008. And, profiles for the Sylveon sisters, Nymphleona and Meechietye, as well as pictures for them will also be up soon. Keep checking back!

    Thank you for voting in the poll below. You can continue voting until the end of the month, when I will take the poll down & put up a new one. By that time, we'll have a new name, logo, and look for our News page.

    If you felt like the one poll below isn't enough, I added back the "Meaningful" Polls page because I felt like it. You may vote in those polls now, as you wish, once a day only.

    Just a reminder: Today is the last day to download the mega stones for Heracross and Pinsir in X or Y, if you got a game at GameStop and received the secret code.

    Have a great morning!

    XOXOXO ♡ ♡ ♡


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    New Articles On The Pokémon Gazette ☆ 09 / 10 / 14

    Besides The Pokémon of Super Smash Bros.: The Essay by Snorlaxaichu9254 added to The Pokémon Gazette. Another rant by the same writer is currently up, as well as an update about three new Mega Evolutions revealed this morning.

    If you are interested in getting the articles/updates from TPG sent directly to you, sign up for the e-Edition of The Pokémon Gazette here.

    Please vote in the The Pokémon Gazette's name poll below. If you have another suggestion, select "Other Name" and leave your suggestion in the comment box. If you'd like the name to stay the same, again, select "Other Name" and leave your suggestion in the comment box.

    Great week to pre-order your copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (or both!!) Let us know which one you choose!

    Take care!

    XOXOXO ♡ ♡ ♡


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    New Poll & Pre-Order ☆ 09 /09 / 14

    UPDATE TO UPDATE AT 1820 HOURS: The Pokémon of Super Smash Bros.: The Essay by Snorlaxaichu9254 is now up on The Pokémon Gazette. Another article (rant) as well as a comic by the same writer will be going up tomorrow or Thursday. It currently needs to be edited and converted to a web-safe format. If you are interested in getting the articles/updates from TPG sent directly to you, sign up for the e-Edition of The Pokémon Gazette here.

    Below is a poll for The Pokémon Gazette's name. Please vote.

    If you have another suggestion, select "Other Name" and leave your suggestion in the comment box. If you'd like the name to stay the same, again, select "Other Name" and leave your suggestion in the comment box. I will be adding more things to the Gazette within the week. I'm sorry for being behind.

    Also, the last poll revealed more people interested in purchasing Omega Ruby or buying both games. If you haven't already, pre-order your games. If you go to Game Stop to pre-order them, you will also receive a secret code to use in the X and Y games to get a Mega Heracross or Mega Pinsir, which expires at the end of this week. When the games come out, you will also receive a special poster corresponding to the games. So, if you are going to get them, this is the week to pre-order them!

    More things to be added soon! Thanks for being patient.

    XOXOXO ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Crossword, Parody, New Fanfic! ☆ 09 /04 / 14

    Check out the new Pokémon Crossword Puzzle. I guarantee you will have fun solving it!

    Also, I just added song lyrics for "Chansey," a parody of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy." Thank you, SnorlaxvsRaichu, for your creativity and sending that in!

    And, a big thanks to two great visitors, Matt and Shaine, for writing the hilarious fanfictional-parody for Stareon's Hideout: Pokémon Obsidian Green & Sol Red. I don't even know how to describe it! It's a must-read! Part one now on Vaporeon's Library. Images & Part Two Coming Soon!

    In a few days, I'll be adding more fanart, a new comic and rant for The Pokémon Gazette (which may be changing its name; help me come up with a good name for it!), and another part for Pokémon Obsidian Green and Sol Red.

    Enjoy these new things and feel free to submit your own! Thanks for visiting Stareon's Hideout, where everyone's a star! Yes, yes. Even you.

    Have a lovely day~! ♡ ♡ ♡


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    New Splash & New Month ☆ 09 /01 / 14

    Happy September 1st!

    As promised, Mega Charizard X is on our splash page for September 1st!! He'll stay there for the season before Mega Swampert gets his turn.

    New Who's That Pokemon?, Pokemon Scrambles, Pokemon Word Search, and check out the Fortune Cookies page, too.

    Flareon's Art Museum has a bunch of new pictures and sprites added.

    Although, the Sunshine Shoppe & Sylveon's Bowtique is not currently showing items for sale, we're planning to open soon and we still will take custom orders now.

    Also, we are currently planning for more to be added to Jolteon's Quiz Factory. I apologize for everything taking so long.

    How did your summer go? Are you heading back to school for the fall? Are you all done with school? Share your experiences with us on the comment page. We love to hear from you!

    Have a great vacation day! ♡ ♡ ♡


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    Splash, Alpha, Omega, Pokemon Shop ☆ 08 / 27 / 14

    Hello, Guests!

    I'm sorry for the neglect of updates recently. There's a lot of things going on here, which will be revealed soon. In the meantime, I am putting up a new poll. Mega Charizard X won the last one and will be on our splash page come September 1st!! Close in second place was Mega Swampert. So, Mega Swampert will be on the splash after Charizard has his turn. Play nice, kids.

    My hubby pre-ordered Alpha and Omega from Game Stop yesterday as a gift, and there were a few goodies it came with, including Pokemon that can be downloaded to X or Y right now, if you choose, and when the game comes out, a poster, I believe. So, that's pretty cool. It's a nice incentive to pre-order Alpha and/or Omega. And, it's always a nice gift for someone you know who likes Pokemon games.

    What else...? Well, the shoppes, Sunshine Shoppe and Sylveon's Bowtique, will not be opening in September as I hoped. However, we are getting closer to finishing the items to offer to you. It's just that my husband's been doing a lot of art commissions and action figure projects. Once he's done, we'll be able to work on the Poke-crafts together. However, if you have some kind of idea for a custom order, you can always put it in and it'll be done ahead of time. We plan on taking custom orders in the future.

    Well, I'm really tired now, so I'm going to go. If I think of something else, it'll be on the Comment page. Sometimes I wonder if SH should have its own Facebook or Twitter feed to make it easier. Oh, well. Follow us on... um... here! lol. Talk to all y'all later!


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    Sylveon's Bowtique and More ☆ 08 / 21 / 14

    Good Afternoon, One and All!

    Welcome back!! I have updated all three current styles to have matching banners, pokéball dividers, and a disclaimer featuring Ghost (wearing a cute purple bow!) and the evolved Stareon. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a comment in the c-box or email me directly.

    I also updated the Who's That Pokémon? So send your answers in now! Check out Sylveon's Bowtique, although it's not finished yet, you can still send in custom jewelry/accessory orders. Soon Nymphleona and her sister Meechietye will be getting profiles on our Original Characters page.

    In the meantime, let me tell you a few things about the Sylveon sisters. Nymphleona (pronounced: NIMF-lee-o-na) is a very proper and girly Sylveon who loves jewelry and accessories. She has good business sense, is very self-motivated, and creative. Her sister, Meechietye (pronounced: ME-chee-tie), is often amiss and rebellious. She is a bit of a complainer and feels she doesn't fit in since she's a shiny Sylveon. She likes things that aren't cute and pretty like her sister does.

    You will soon find that Meechietye the Sylveon gives us punk accessories and body jewelry, and she complains that the shop is too pink and needs more black and blue, which are her favorite colors. Whereas Nymphleona the Sylveon gives us cute accessories, tons of pinks, pastels, bows, and anything really girly. She will happily make custom orders!

    The standard items Sylveon's Bowtique of Stareon's Hideout will be selling includes necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, body jewelry, headbands, bandanas, belts, and more.

    On the Sunshine Shoppe of Stareon's Hideout, we will be selling our hand-made Pokémon crafts, of which there are too many to list. We have items for young and old, for decorating, for artists, for students, for play, for lounging, for keeping in touch, and much much more!!

    My plan is to launch the Sunshine Shoppe and Sylveon's Bowtique in September, but things have been really busy in my personal life lately, and I am thinking I might have to push that date to a later time. I share this with you, so you can get excited about the shops and think of what you'd like as a custom order.

    Hope everyone is well & all ready for the school season to begin again soon!!


    P.S. (update) Here's a shout out to Matt, who works with my husband Justin!! Thanks for defending Stareon's Hideout & being a great visitor!!
    matt's button

    P.P.S. (update 8-22-14) Here's a banner for Shaine, my husband's co-worker who regularly visits Stareon's Hideout!! Click on the link. The banner is too big to be displayed here: Shaine's Banner

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    Good Morning Friends!

    There is another update on The Pokémon Gazette about more newly confirmed Mega Evolutions. Please check it out to see the new pictures!

    Again, if you're interested in joining our newspaper staff, please fill out a job application here. And, if you're interested in instant updates, a full newsletter, and other Pokémon goodies, you may also sign up for the e-Edition of The Pokémon Gazette.

    We also have another affiliate: Legendary Birds!

    Have a fantastic day! Enjoy what's left of summer!


    Table Made By Stareon's Hideout.

    Date: 08 / 12 / 14
    Update on The Pokémon Gazette!
    New Affiliate: Legendary Birds


    Good Afternoon!

    We've just added a new release about the new leaked Mega Evolutions on The Pokémon Gazette. If you haven't heard, please check that out!

    New information will be poured onto The Pokémon Gazette soon. If you're interested in joining our newspaper staff, please fill out a job application here.

    If you'd like, you may also sign up for the e-Edition of The Pokémon Gazette and you will be emailed the updates instantaneously, and a full newsletter at the end of the month with all sorts of goodies you'll love.

    Have a great afternoon!


    Table Made By Stareon's Hideout.

    Date: 08 / 08 / 14
    Check out The Pokémon Gazette!

    Hello, all!

    Quick update to tell you to check out "Flareon's Art Museum" and the new layout there. Please feel free to send in your artwork to be displayed there. I have a bunch more artwork that I am waiting for from some people. Once I get it, it'll be added. Same goes for "Vaporeon's Library."

    Speaking of books, "Book Wurmple's Club" has a RSS comment feed, so join our book club by adding your comments there about our featured book!

    Per Butterfree's advice, I have edited a few things around the site. One of which is the "Advice About Anti-Pokémon" page. Please check that out.

    And, finally, we have two new affiliates: Pokémon Trainer & The Cave of Dragonflies, of which I honestly never thought I'd finally be able to affiliate with. It had been a dream of mine since the site was first opened to be affiliated with a site of such magnitude. Thank you, Butterfree!!

    Take care, everyone!


    Table Made By Stareon's Hideout.

    Date: 08 / 06 / 14
    Flareon's Art Museum: new layout
    Book Wurmple's Club: new comment section
    Advice About Anti-Pokémon: updated
    Two new affiliates

    Quick Update: 08 - 04 - 14

    Another update, folks! Just added more videos to Midnite @ the Movies, so you can now watch all of Pokémon the first season. If one of them doesn't work, let me know. They were working when I first embedded them. If you'd like to watch them on YouTube, click on the link in the videos. They do not play on mobile devices, sorry.

    I want to make sure no one misunderstands why I am posting these and knows that I did not encode the videos, I only embedded the videos, and I do not claim to own them. Once I get the videos myself, I will upload them in better quality and post them. Anyway, I am posting these because, if you are like me, you would like to watch the old stuff for nostalgia's sake and for fun. If you are new to Pokémon, you can watch the first season and catch up and also watch the original Pokémon movies.The Eon Plaza there is to remember how Pokémon all began!

    We are, however, going to do some top 10 lists and going to mark down different things about each episode and movie, and post it there. My husband, Justin (SnorlaxvsRaichu) & I are working on that together. I just started watching season 4 again, he's into episode 10 on season 2. Good times, good times.

    I did other stuff, but I don't remember. I am always updating every day, I just don't always tell you. I'm covert like that. :) Take care!!


    Visit Stareon's Hideout to find more free PokéPlates.

    Quick Update: 08 - 01 - 14

    Hello! Just a quick update to show off our new PokéPlates & let you know a few things. For starters, I separated all the Freebie pages so you can go to that menu to find what you want/need rather than scrolling through just one long page.

    And, I also re-did all but one of the free layouts. They should work good now. I didn't re-do the rainbow one because I need to do better graphics, and that'll take a while.

    All layouts were tested in Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer & on a mobile device. They all passed, however, the Eevee one didn't work on my mobile device, perhaps because of the nature of its size.

    Going to go put up more episodes for the Eon Plaza now. Talk to you all soon!!


    Visit Stareon's Hideout to find more free PokéPlates.

    7 / 30 / 14
  • New PokéPlates & Updating Tables
  • The Pokémon Gazette: The Mega-Evolution Solution!
  • New! Web Design Help: Tables
  • Style Switcher Fixed
  • Lightbox viewing in Flareon's Art Gallery
  • Splash page fixed

  • Dear Guests,

    You may have noticed that for a while now I have been using new updating tables to update my site, as well as BLURSH's Fanfics and B3rry-E0n, as I was testing out making new tables with the same layout/formula. Well, now you and all your friends can get the very same updating tables and more here on Stareon's Hideout. I have added the updating tables under Freebies » PokéPlates & Updating Tables.

    Hopefully these work okay. I tried out several ways of making this, and I settled on what it looks like right now. Internet Explorer was giving me a problem, but I eventually worked it out.

    Another new thing we have are new Fortune Cookies (plus a new layout on that page.)

    And, in case you hadn't already checked, The Pokémon Gazette was updated and there is a new article about Mega Evolutions at the bottom of the page submitted by a staff member. Next issue of TPG will look VERY different, so enjoy this version while you can.

    As for everything else that's been happening on the site, such as the new layout, style switcher, new splash page, and more, I can assure you this is not the end of it. More changes will be coming gradually, so keep stopping back! As of today, our hits have doubled since yesterday, and tripled since last week. The numbers are not high, but the fact that anyone is coming here is a nice thought. Please invite your friends, as we have a new Catch the Kiriban contest, so who knows if you could be the one to land on the page when we hit 15,000 unique visitors! :)

    As always, have a wonderful day! Take care!


    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    Hello visitors!

    I finally got the new layout up and splash page, but this is simply an idea of what the layout will look like. I am hoping to do better graphics for the banner and disclaimer. But, for now you get an idea of what I made.

    There is also a style switcher. I realize this is having trouble in certain browsers, and I think I know the reason why. I can't fix it at the moment, and I will need to upgrade to a premium account on Freewebs, which is a big thing.

    So, unless I get donations real soon, I am going to have to wait until I'm positively sure I want to pay for this hosting. The other option is if a site offers a sub-domain and free hosting or affordable hosting, I may consider that. But, I am still weighing the options. However, for me, the style switcher worked in Mozilla Firefox, and I got it to work on Safari on the iPad and also on the iMac. I haven't checked in Chrome again or in Internet Explorer.

    Also, I added 9 new Pokemon Scrambles for you word lovers to figure out, and also a new Pokemon Word Search.

    I also have some more things on my laptop that I need to add, but I don't know if I'll add them today or what. Right now I'm updating from the iMac. Going to try to re-size the splash, too. So that may change in a few minutes, and if so, I'll post an update in the C-box rather than here.

    Hope all are doing well. Comments are welcomed. Thanks.

    Have an super-duper day!


    Table Made By BLURSH.

    Date: 07 / 28 / 2014
    New Things:
  • New Stareon layout,
    will continually be improved
  • New style switcher,
    needs to be fixed on some browsers; worked fine on FireFox
  • New Pokemon Scrambles
    & Pokemon Word Search

  • Dear People of the Internet,

    So, I've been doing things on the site, slowly and steadily.

    Today I did the biggest revision of Vaporeon's Library. I gave it a new layout and added the latest fanfics and poems. Check it out, and if there's anything that needs to be changed or you'd like to add your own stories or poems, please see Submit Your Works to Us.

    I also fixed some things about Midnite @ the Movies, and I'm going to add more movies and episodes when I can.

    Also, I added 4 new splashes to the Freebies For Your Site page. Check those out.

    And, if you've got something to add to this, go to the Comment/Chat page and let me know. That page has also been slightly revised for your convenience.

    Have an awesome day!


    Table By BLURSH.

    Date: 07/ 21 / 2014
    New Things:
  • Vaporeon's Library has a new layout
  • Fixed Midnite @ the Movies' layout
  • New Splashes on Freebies For Your Site
  • Revised Comment/Chat page

  • Howdy Doody, Folks~!

    So, I did some stuff. You probably don't really notice, but if you read here, then I guess you noticed.

    Going to be doing stuff a little at a time. If you want to help, contact me in the c-box. That is all.

    Blessed be. ~BLURSH~

    Please share your thoughts with us.

    See Old Updates?
    Support our site by adding our link to your site.
    ***Table By BLURSH of Stareon's Hideout***

    Updated On: July / Ninth / Two-thousand fourteen
    1. Deleted some pages
    2. Cleaned some pages up
    3. Moved Chat Boxes to Comment Page
    4. Planning
    5. Yeah....

    Dear Loyal Fans & kids-at-heart,

    Greetings all! How's everyone doing? It's BLURSH here. One month married and things are going great! Justin, my hubby, and I have both been talking about Stareon’s Hideout and we've decided we want to reopen it soon. It may take a while (you're used to me saying that, aren't you? lol.) but it'll be worth it!

    I'm very excited to see this site still here, although needing some life, it's still holding on. And I applaud those who still visit here. You are my inspiration! We'll talk soon, y’all.

    Unrelated: I will post some pictures here of Justin and I, from the wedding, if anyone is interested. Just let me know. The c-box is always open for suggestions, questions, and silly musings. Much love, hugs and kisses, and free radicals!! Blessed be. ~BLURSH~

    Please share your thoughts with us.

    See Old Updates?
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    ***Table By BLURSH of Stareon's Hideout***

    Updated On: April / Eighth / Two-thousand fourteen
  • stuff
  • soon
  • will
  • be
  • hip-happenin’
  • fo’rizzle

  • Dear Loyal Fans & Supporters Still Venturing To This Part of the Web,

    I salute you courageous persons willing to read this. If by chance you remember what Stareon's Hideout used to be, the old dream, and you too want to resurrect it, please stand together with me and keep reading.

    Perhaps, though, you are a young fan-in-the-making, new to the world of Pokémon, new to the world of Stareon, new to the world. But, you, no doubt, have dreams as well. You, no doubt, have aspirations and hopes higher than the stars. And, far me it from me to tell you not to reach for them.

    For those you you who know me, I want to let you all know that I am getting married in exactly 60 days from now and although I can't invite all of you to come fly to the reception, I'd like you to be there in spirit. For those of you who have been coming here year after year, for the few who remember Stareon's Hideout from the day we opened on January 14th, 2008--a momentous day--you are truly loyal friends. I thank you.

    The big question on your minds may be "Who am I marrying?" or you may still be wondering "What will happen to this site?"

    The answer is that I'm marrying a Snorlax fan, but fortunately he's not a big eater. ;) Yes, my fiance's name is Justin and he's a Pokémon fan also. He's very young at heart and that's one of the reasons I love him so much.

    Secondly, this site will stay barren for a little while longer, but once I'm married and settled in, together with my husband, this site shall be renovated and released.

    Newly hatched into the web visitors may think this sounds great, maybe even promising. Old visitors may rolls their eyes and say they've heard this speech before without seeing anything come to fruition. Loyal fans, though, who trust me just as much as I trust them--no matter how old--are always young in heart and are fired with zeal more than ever before to see a grand transformation come to Stareon's Hideout.

    What can you do in the meantime? Sit tight. Justin & I are busy trying to raise money to help pay for expenses. He has a very extensive collection of comics, action figures, and other nerdy couture that he's been selling online for months. If you would like to see it, please visit his Ebay page: CourtyardChameleon5463.

    Any gifts we get now is truly appreciated, any thing at all, for it's very tough to survive in this economy. Ah, but, now, young ones, let us not worry about that. Life is too short for that.

    Remember good times of the past, look ahead to good times in the future, but never ever forget to enjoy the good times you are experiencing right now. The hardships we face are not worth as much as the joys we behold. Never give up. Never lose hope.

    Please share your thoughts with us.

    See Old Updates?
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    ***Table By BLURSH of Stareon's Hideout***

    Updated On: December / Seventeenth / Two-thousand Thirteen
    Newly Added To Our Site:
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Laughter
  • Determination

  • Craisins and Pop Tarts! It's 2013! And, I still haven't done anything with Stareon's Hideout. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. But, I do still want to do stuff here. I just have no staff to help at this point, and real life gets so busy. But, I don't forget this site. No, no. I don't forget it. I just put it on the back burner and say... "I shall stir this pot later." No comments on the fact that I just said "pot." And, "stir." Now I'm thinking about swizzle sticks. Oh, how I love swizzle sticks!! Where is a good swizzle stick when you need one? Who know that small pox was eradicated 40 years ago? Not me, not me.

    Okay, this is enough random for a Monday. I thought... Let's go for it! It's a Monday! Oh, yeah!! Seriously, I'm going to go now. Have a very random day. Keep smiling. See you on the flip-side of the pretzel. Adios~!!

    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    Updated On: January / Seventh / Two-Thousand Thirteen
    Newly Added To Our Site:
    When will you stop falling for this trick that there's actually going to be new things added to this site? That's just as unlikely as a lizard growing its tail back after it being severed off. Oh... wait. Scratch that. Yeah, scratch it and see if it smells like lemons.

    Nothing here got updated, so this isn't like a real update or anything. It's sort of more like a personal update.

    I'm just stopping by so people know I still come here and that there is going to be something done with this site. I don't know when. Maybe it'll be done by the time your grand-kids are into Pokemon. lol. Okay, maybe not quite that long. But, I just can't set a date yet.

    I am going to get together with Fex soon. Pyro has not called me back or emailed me or texted me back at all as of recently. So, I don't know what's up. She is busy with college, but I'm okay with just a quick "hi." So, if you read this, Pyro, please call me and say hi! Or if someone who knows Pyro reads this, tell her to contact me. I'm sick of chasing after people.

    Anyway, when I get the a-okay from them, we're going to re-do the site. Make it up all pretty and nice for y'all, and then I want everyone to come here, at least once to comment or something. :) Pretty please? In the meantime, you can comment now. If you don't like the little comment box above (I don't either, I'm gonna change the sizes and stuff), then there is still a link to the comment box on the side... and how about that!? BELOW HERE, too!! hehehe.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Please let me know how you are doing.

    Love all y'all,


    Table By Stareon's Hideout

    Updated On: December / Eighth / Two-Thousand Twelve
    Newly Added:

    Nothing new, just this update. :3

    This is an old layout I made for the site, CAVERN OF POKEMON. However, someone hacked that site, so I think they changed domain or something. Anyway, they aren't using this layout... and I like this layout, so since I created it, I feel that I have the right to use it if I want to. So, I'm going to use it to demonstrate some of my layout-making skills.

    Nothing is new. I just felt like, since it's been a while since "The Sound of Madness" album by Shinedown came out, so that layout should be changed. And, I didn't feel like making one with an amaryllis on it... or another band-themed layout. After all, this still is a Pokemon site. An inactive one, but one nonetheless. So yeah, here's what I've done.

    And, I made this updating table a while ago, but never used it. If you'd like a one, leave a comment in the c-box to the left. I can make them up pretty quick. Who knows? Something cool might happen soon. But, for now, I await the Phoenix of Hidden-Star to emerge.

    ~BLURSH~ Table By Stareon's Hideout

    Updated On: 11/19/12
    Newly Added To Our Site:
    Just the layout and the table. ;)

    :.: It's been almost three years :.:

    Yes, indeed. It's been almost three years. It's time to move on. Move on from what? Move on from everything. Since my partner died almost three years ago, I've found it ridiculously hard to do anything here. My muse, my best friend, my best critic and fan--all disappeared in a single moment. The plug was pulled, the coma ended, his life escaped, time elapsed and here I still am. My writing has been profuse, prolific, prophetic, and pathetic. I write something and I expect him to comment on it, but he's not there. I'm sure everyone understands what that's like. To lose a best friend is like losing a part of your soul. I lost the one person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We grew apart, we grew close again, he pushed away once more because he knew his death was imminent, and just like that he was gone. I guess I've been way too hung up on all the guilt over the past few years, less focused on the future and the present, which is a gift. But, from time to time I return here because I made this website to his satisfaction at the time. I know I could have made it better. I know it could be amazing now if I worked at it, but I just don't have him, the motivator and motivation. Lacking my muse, I only smile at what was. This was something in the past and it was a great run, but I must move on. I must move on from my best friend, who is ashes, who is matter, who is dust, who is sleeping in death. He moved away from me because he wanted me to move on. He wanted my happiness to soar. Happiness eludes me when I think about him being gone. When I come here, I think about him. Feeling blue, it all rushes to my head: a blue rush. I think momentarily that I'll revive this, that it'll be restored, but then I think, "what's the point?" Yes, I know there are reasons that perhaps I should revive this site or reasons I should check my emails that are continuing to flood in from many visitors of the past, but it just has no meaning anymore. Please understand. This is not a good-bye, this is hello. I am going to say hello to a new world. I'm going to shut this down, once I consult Fex. We'll shut this down, open something new, something fresh and unapproved. Something that my long-gone best friend would want me to open to be happy, but something he never got to see or approve. This way I can start something that doesn't make me sad, even though I'll always think about him. This way, I'll be able to move. I'll move on from this site, but never from my childhood and those great memories. Don't ever think that. Don't ever think I'll forget you, all of you that helped me out so much. Never forgotten, you're my dreams that fuel me onward. Please help me move on.

    Thank you.


    Update By: BLURSH on January 17, 2012
    New Stuff:
    There's nothing new under the sun... So I guess I have to go beyond the sun.

    This is a really long update. Might take a while to read, but please, I beg of you, read it! It explains everything... or at least most of it. Please open your heart. Thank you.

    :.: D R E A M S + T O R N + H A P P I N E S S :.:

    Well, it's about time I update, right? Nah, this isn't a real update. I'm pulling a "Kronakitty" now. lol. (Just kidding, Kronakat! I love ya!) I will be updating soon, but I'm waiting to get together with Pyro & Fexible (if she ever returns!) Hopefully, I'll still be this happy... as happy as I am now. And, then we can really get cracking and do some real work on this site. I'll install the new layout! Yes! Unfortunately, I've been so busy doing everyone else's layouts and helping with their sites that I haven't updated this site. Tsk tsk. Not so good of me. But, I promise. And yes, you can trust my promises as long as I continue in my sane mind. :) I promise I will update this site with the new layout.

    Also, I will be going through this site and taking out foolish pages that aren't needed. I will be sprucing up the old pages. I will be replacing everything with PHP (because I will also be transferring everything to the new host!) And, with everyone's help--oh, dear, I love everyone!--THIS SITE WILL BE A BETTER PLACE. IT WILL BE A PLACE OF LOVE AND LIFE AND CREATIVITY. IT WILL BE WHERE YOU GO WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY OR SAD OR SCARED OR WHEN YOU ARE JUST FRANKLY BORED. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING TO DO, SOMETHING TO LEARN, SOMETHING TO READ, SOMETHING TO LOOK AT, AND SOMEONE HERE TO GREET YOU! Why? Why do I believe this? Because this is really what a site is about. It's more than fancy updating tables and neat layouts and orderly content (although, that's stuff is really important). It's more than just providing information or getting your ideas out there.

    It's about HEART. OUR SITE IS ABOUT HEART. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT NOW AND I HOPE I ALWAYS WILL. STAREON IS THE SYMBOL OF ALL OF OUR CHILDISH DREAMS COMING TRUE!! ALL OF OUR HOPES SHINING AS BRIGHT AS THE STARS. ALL OF THE PEOPLE LOOKING AT US LIKE WE ARE ALIENS BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE. WE ARE OPTIMISTS. HAPPY PEOPLE WELCOMED! ALL OTHERS... COME AND GET HAPPY!! This is what I'm going to base the site off of and my life off of. I'm an honest person when it comes to my feelings. But, what if my feelings could always be happy? Wouldn't that be great? Not realistic, but it would be "blissful." I'm going to try living like that. I'm going to try to be less torn between reality and fantasy. I'm just going to let them collide. And, I'd love it if you all joined me and invited all your friends, too. I really try hard and I put myself out there. Please come to this site and help me make all of our dreams come true!

    Thanks so much for listening to idealistic talk. Now, would you like to know what inspired? Well, today, I simply woke up and said "I'm going to be happy. The sky is beautiful. Life is beautiful. And, I'm alive... what's not to be happy about? Life is a miracle." And, so from then on, the whole day, I've been in this beautiful evanescent of reality, slipping into the in between of the world of fantasy and dreams. It's great. And, no, I swear I'm not smoking anything funny right now.

    What started it all? Well, most of you know because I'm such a big baby and I've already rattled the innards of my soul and tragedy to the world. But, I guess some of you still might not know. Well, I've had some bad things happen to me recently. Or, at least it seems so recently. It knocked me off my feet quite literally. I've been very sickly all my life, but more so recently it has gotten worse. And, just when I was started to get out of my spell of sickness a little, I found out my best friend died. Think of the person you love the most in this world--in a friendship way, in a romantic way, in a family way, whatever. Well, then you can imagine how terrible it would feel if that person died. We have a long complicated history, but one thing that was simple about it was we loved each other. And, we knew each other our entire lives. He suffered his whole life. Amazingly, he lived to be in his twenties, but still that's too young to die. But, one thing he taught me was that you have to live life like it's a gift. And, he gave me this gift now of "bliss." It just took me a really long time to get the wrapping paper off of it and open it up. But, thank you, Daichi, for loving me and letting me love you. I know I was very much a little girl when we were together, but just the same, you treated me like a queen. Thank you. And, thank you for this gift.

    Well, I only recently opened this gift, even though he died a month ago. Mainly, it was talking to his mother and realizing how much she is like him that has helped me. It reminded me that we are all brothers and sisters, humans that are similar. And, while no one is like my Daichi, there are other people here that are trying to fill the void as best as they can. I can't refuse their efforts and love. Thank you everyone. It took me a while. I got into a car accident. I suffered some more fatigue and chronic health problems that don't seem to go away and some confusion with the people in my life-- as far as relationships are concerned. However, when things finally cooled down, I felt this overwhelming calm. I went to a box I have in my room. I opened it and was greeted by old envelopes and cards from Daichi. All the letters he ever sent me are in there. I finally got the courage to read them. It made me feel so much better. I realized what we had. And, I realized that no matter what, we would always have that love and special friendship with each other. Yes, even in death, we are still together. There is no parting true love. I'm so glad he's not suffering anymore. He suffered his whole life. Now, he's sleeping in peace. And, I'm living in peace. Until then, I'm going to be happy.

    Thank you for reading this whole thing. I always feel better when I can write. I needed to do this so that you guys could know. Whatever happens, may you be happy. Chase after happiness, not fun. That's transient. Happiness is much better. You'll find yourself, you'll find love. And, then you'll know how I feel. It's wonderful. Thank you again. I can't thank you enough. Readers keep my words alive.


    Update By: BLURSH on July 16, 2009
    New Stuff:
    Happiness? Ever heard of it?

    [[[Umm... there were updates here, but I can't find them so... oh well!]]]

    Coming Soon -- By BLURSH

    Alright, I know I'm a little behind for everything coming up in May. But, life is always crazy like that. And, why, oh why, may I ask, do all my friends decide to get married in May--in like 3 different states? Gosh!

    Anyway, I'm going to be adding some things soon. So, I'll tell you what they are so you don't think I've completely left you. (plus writing them here is a reminder for me.)

  • New issue of The Pokémon Gazette.
  • New Pokemon, Eon, Trainer, and Affiliate Of The Month of May.
  • New Featured Music Album on Jigglypuff's Rehearsal Hall.
  • Updated version of games such as Who's That Pokémon? and Pokémon Crossword Puzzle.
  • Update stuff at Flareon's Art Museum and Vaporeon's Library.
  • Upgrade Points and members at the Sunshine Shoppe.
  • Yeah... And, I know there are other things I'm suppose to do, too, but I can't think of them now. Okay. Bye!


    Update By: BLURSH on May 7, 2009
    New Stuff:

    [[[Umm... there were updates here, but I can't find them so... oh well!]]]

    New updating table by Ego Box~! -- Updated on April 4, 2009 by BLURSH

    Okay... so I got this updating table from Ego Box. And, I'm changing all our old updates to be in these boxes.

    I'm going to go now. Bye.

    ~Luv ya babes,
    BLURSH <3

    Squee! We've got new stuff!--Update On April 3, 2009 by BLURSH & fex

    BLURSH: Hiya there. Tis BLURSH...
    fex: ... and Fexxyberry here.
    BLURSH: We are just updating to encourage you guys to participate more~! C'mon, guys. We so far have a few new members of the Sunshine Shoppe and someone generously sent in their sentiments in a piece of poetry, which can be viewed on the Poems page. Check that out. It's really good. Got anything to add, Fex?
    fex: *goes back to playing Puzzle Challenge* 8D
    BLURSH: Anywho... we also have a new Pokemon for the "Who's That Pokemon?" I hope more of y'all will be able to participate in that. And... don't forget the page that we call "A Different Perspective." On that page, you'll have to guess what the picture is of; it can be a household item, most likely something you see everyday.
    Cellestria: My pants feel wet.
    BLURSH & fex: o.O You don't wear pants...
    Cellestria: That's what I was afraid of. *scampers away*
    fex: o3o Okay then. *flees, leaving Blursh all by herself*
    BLURSH: >:C Gee, that was nice. *dances to "Sympathy for the Devil" (Guns N' Roses version, yo!)*
    Ahem. *runs away, leaving the person who is reading this absolutely speechless and confused*

    Fixed Stuff--Update On March 29, 2009 by BLURSH

    Hey, guys & dolls~! This is BLURSH, just stopping by to tell you that I fixed a few things. First of all, I fixed the Pokemon Crossword Puzzle. I don't know why, but I totally messed up on the last question, which of course, with a crossword puzzle, will make a huge difference. So... I fixed that. And, then I fixed a few things on the About Us page.

    Also, the awesome Shadow Pokes is now our affiliate! Yay! And, I'd just like to thank everyone for stopping by and supporting us. As of today we have about "26" unique hits per day, and of course, that's my favorite number so I had to point that out!

    In other news, please look at the stuff under the Interactive navi, because we have lots of games and contests that I think everyone will like, such as the Crossword Puzzle, Pokemon Scrambles, Who's That Pokemon?, and, as always, the Contests.

    In other random news, I just got Safetysuit's album, "Life Left To Go." You see I saw them in concert with Hoobastank and 3 Doors Down and I really liked their performance, so that's why I got the album. I like some of the songs, especially "Annie." Anyone else like Safetysuit? All right, so keep me updated. Deal? Cool. Now, I'm gonna go. Fleece it out.

    --BLURSH... darling. <3

    --Crossword Puzzle Fixed~
    --A New Affiliate(Shadow Pokes)

    Textures--Update On March 23, 2009 by fex

    Hello again~ :D Just randomly updating because I can. And because I actually have something to update about: New textures~ <3 I was bored today(and procrastinating on finishing the pages I need to do), so I decided to make some textures/background things that you can use on your website or for various other things. 8D I made three textures: blue bubbles, green bubbles, and purple bubbles. They're all on the Freebies for your site page, so go check them out when you have the chance.

    On to another note, the mascot page hover whatchamacallit is not working correctly, due to some coding thing I barely understand. So, Blursh has currently disabled it, and is working on the problem. You can still view the mascots, however, since their pictures are next to their descriptions.

    Also, since Absol's Moonlit Cave closed, we have removed them from our affiliates list. D: But, we have three new affiliates, too. BLURSH's Fanfics, New Moon Island, and z-design are our new affies. :D

    I feel like I'm forgetting something, but since it's 11:00pm here, I'm going to go to bed. :3 Good night, all. Have random dreams~ <3


    --Three new affiliates(BLURSH's Fanfics, New Moon Island, and z-design)
    --One affiliate(Absol's Moonlit Cave)

    THE SITE IS NOW OPEN~!--Update On March 22, 2009 by BLURSH and fex

    Fex: Welcome to Stareon's Hideout, back after months of being on hiatus! <3
    Fex: We're back and better than ever~ :3
    BLURSH: Long, Long, Long... months.
    BLURSH: Long... Long... Long... Months...
    BLURSH: *cough* Yes, Fex. We are back.
    BLURSH: Better than ever, ready to show the world what we are made of!
    Fex: And we've got tons of new pages~ <3
    Fex: And interactive stuffs.
    Fex: And mazes~ :3
    BLURSH: Tons... tons... tons... of new pages.
    BLURSH: *cough* I'm feeling redundant. Sorry.
    Fex: lawl
    BLURSH: Yes, we have more pages than ever before! Just to showcase a few of my personal favorites, we have A-MAZE-ING. A page where you can download and print mazes that will give you hours of enjoyment. "Ah... I'm trapped in a maze!"
    BLURSH: Also, we have a newspaper called "The Pokémon Gazette," full of all sorts of features that Stareon's Hideout has never experienced before.
    BLURSH: Isn't that right, Fex?
    Fex: Yep~ :3
    Fex: We also have a Help Station, filled with helpful topics about things online and offline.
    BLURSH: That's right. Topics such as "How to deal with Bullies," "How to deal with art block?," "What is HTML?," "What is Virus Prevention?" and much more~!
    BLURSH: We put love into the Help Station and we hope you'll enjoy it~!
    BLURSH: Also, we've re-done the Library, known as Vaporeon's Library. Now you can find more fanfics and stories there and even send in your own using our simple-to-use forms.
    Fex: And there's also Flareon's Art Museum, where you can send in all of your art, digital and drawn, and also sprites!
    BLURSH: Yes, and view the art from other talented artists.
    BLURSH: Gosh, Fex. There is so much! How can we possibly tell them everything that is on Stareon's Hideout in this one little update?
    Fex: Well, there is a page that lists all of the pages on the site.
    BLURSH: Yes... that's true. The Tour Page tells you everything.
    BLURSH: But...
    BLURSH: We did even begin to mention the Paint Layout, which is much more advanced than we've ever made before. =P
    BLURSH: Yay!
    Fex: Yay~ <3
    BLURSH: Indeed.
    Fex: What other fun pages are on Stareon's Hideout, Blursh? O:
    BLURSH: Hmm... more free stuff to give out, like headers, buttons & templates, layouts, and textures.
    BLURSH: And, don't forget Poképlates, Pokémon Plushies, and the Orphanage, where we have new orphans that'd like to be adopted by our visitors.
    BLURSH: But... maybe we should just say bye to these wonderful people and let them experience the site themselves. What do you think?
    Fex: I think that's a good idea. :3
    BLURSH: I do, too. Afterall, I just thought of it.
    BLURSH: Remember, dear visitors, we aren't leaving you entirely! We check on the site daily and will updating regularly... now that we are officially re-open and off hiatus.
    Fex: And remember to check back often, as we still have new ideas and pages forming in our minds~
    BLURSH: Yes. =3 So, come back soon, dears~! Bye-bye, now!
    Fex: Bye~ c: