~Naming Your Site~

What's in a name? Visitors will be initially attracted to your fan site by the name, even the domain name will say a lot. Besides that, you'll be identified with your site's name and it'll soon be your trademark. You'll want to choose a site name that isn't too long, easy to say and type, but really catchy.

Just to help you along, here's some ideas. You can start your site name with a Pokémon's name, like Pikachu or Rhyhorn or Stantler. Then add a location name, like Beach House or Cave or Forest. Put 'em together and you've got a pretty decent site name--Pikachu's Beach House, Rhyhorn's Cave, or Stantler's Forest!

Or, you may decide to combine two Pokémon's names to make your own Pokémon or Poké Fake. Like combining Espeon and Armaldo to get Espaldo. Then you add your location name to get Espaldo's Paradise.

Maybe you have a Pokésona. My Pokésona's name is Silva, which means forest, so I could have a site called Silva's Forest. The basic rule is you choose a name, make it possessive, and add a location name. This makes it seem like that Pokémon owns the site, which can make it interesting and can aid to the site's theme. But, you can also make it seem like a particular Pokémon owns the place. Like for instance, Glalie Ice Cave or Misdrevous Abyss.

Another thing you can do is add adjective before the location name. For instance, say you name your site Togepi's Cloud. That's cute and definately a decent name, but add some pizzazz to it. How about Togepi's Magical Cloud or Togepi's Twinkling Cloud? That sounds like a cute and cuddly site I want to visit!

Instantly add some sparkle to your site name by using creative words, like celestial words. Dusk, dawn, moon, star, solar, lunar, eclipse, etc. will become popular.

Change a plain name to a really unique one by converting it to another language. Animé fan sites do this best. For instance, "Beautiful Star," which is pretty, can convert to Japanese and become "Migoto Hoshi." Refer to a reliable online translator to get the perfect name. (The examples I used above were simply fictional. If a site has one of those names, it is purely a coincidence I choose those names.)

The following is a list of location names you may want to use as a part of your site's full name. Over 100 location possibilities are listed below to help create a theme. Will your site be peaceful, exciting, spooky, dark, or magical?