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On this page, you'll see all our faithful mascots who help us run the site!

Stareon, p.k.a. Ghost the White Eevee

Age: UNKNOWN         Type: ???
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #0 Stareon (unlisted in most Pokédex)

SUMMARY: Ghost, a white Eevee and cast-out because of her looks, was found abandoned in the back woods of Greenridge Grand Pokémon Ranch. Master trainer Kelly took her in and asked staff member, Azure, a skilled Pokémon Breeder, to take care of the shiny Eevee. But, Ghost was scared and not progressing. So, Kelly decided to train her. She reminded Kelly of her first Pokémon, Little Eevee, and found that Ghost was a delightful, playful Eevee, who was always misunderstood, and had a penchant for bubbles. After Kelly read about an ancient legend involving shiny Eevee, she decided to look into it. Doing so led her to the Star Stone, a rare shard brought from Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable from outer space. On the night star constellations aligned, Ghost evolved into Stareon. With the Ability to change type to be strong against opponents, causing her face shield to change color to match the type she changes into, and the useful attacks Psychic, Shadow Ball, Teleport, and Swift, she makes a tough opponent to beat. Stareon prefers, however, to not battle and loves to help heal the sick Pokémon brought to the Healing Solutions Center (Holistic Pokémon Center at the Greenridge Grand Pokémon Ranch.)

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Age: UNKNOWN         Type: Psychic
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #196 Espeon

SUMMARY: Cellestria is Kelly's elusive Espeon that has extraordinary abilities. Kelly is rarely seen without Cellestria by her side. Most recognize Cellestria to be beautifully unique because of her light, shimmering coat color and bright blue eyes. Also, she glows a purple aura when she's using an ability such as mind reading. Unlike most Espeon, Cellestria has harnessed the powers of telepathy, teleporting, and other supernatural abilites. Quite unsure of how old she really is, it is safe to say her life spans over hundreds of years.

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Age: 4                     Type: Psychic
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #196 Espeon

SUMMARY: From Kelly's second Eevee Evolution Teams, Solarenite shines as a powerful foe to adversaries. Solarenite is a handsome Espeon with normal coloring. He has a dark side and loves the night almost as much as daylight and sunshine. His most powerful moves include Psychic and Bite, which are used frequently in battle, yet he's a gentle and curious Pokémon around Kelly and is rarely aggressive without cause. This may be something to keep in mind as well: Solarenite is the first child of Cellestria and Starnestra.

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Age: 10+                Type: Dark
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #197 Umbeon

SUMMARY: Starnestra is a careful and cautious Umbreon around most, but he has complete trust in Kelly, his trainer. Starnestra always enjoys Cellestria's company in Party One of Kelly's Eevee Evolution teams. He's often admired by many for his looks--his eyes gleam a moon-white instead of red--as well as his abilities. Besides being agile and graceful, he packs a powerful punch in battle and contests, always pairing up beautifully with Cellestria.

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Age: 3                     Type: Dark
Gender: Male          Pokémon: #197 Umbeon

SUMMARY: Lunamaxine, the second son of Cellestria and Starnestra, is a vast contrast compared with Solarenite. While he is very powerful, he'd rather partake in a beauty contest than a battle. His markings are normal for an Umbreon, but his personality is different. He's rather bright and chipper and makes friends well, dazzling all with his move Moonlight. He's loved and looked up to by fellow Eevee Evolutions in his team.

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Age: 10--?              Type: Water
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #134 Vaporeon

SUMMARY: Aquaseasta is often called the "King Of The Sea." He's a proud, strong Pokémon who might even intimidate Poseidon himself. He was originally rescued by Kelly from a quaggy-like swamp where he grew up. The pond's high level of rare stones and minerals made Aquaseasta a strange turquoise color different from other Vaporeon. His fins are large and powerful and his spirit unbreakable. He's always aiming for leader as he takes his place in Team One of Kelly's Eevee Evolution teams.

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Age: 2                     Type: Water
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #134 Vaporeon

SUMMARY: Misticarly is a young, dapper Vaporeon with little care in the world. He prides himself for being fast in the water and spirited in battle with other Pokémon from Kelly's Team Two Eevee Evolution teams. While he's much smaller than Aquaseasta, he's very smart and is usually called out when a battle needs creativity. He's the third son of Cellestria and Starnestra and is a twin of Flaminjava.

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Age: 7+                  Type: Electric
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #135 Jolteon

SUMMARY: Zapdoticor is an "electric" electric Pokémon. With a zazz for life and a lot of spunk, he takes the cake for being the fastest on both of Kelly's Eevee Evolution teams. He's got a lot of kick in battle, but is a jokester around other Pokémon when the curtain is drawn. He's been called a funny flirt and is a friendly Pokémon to be around.

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Age: 3                     Type: Electric
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #135 Jolteon

SUMMARY: Before Thunderane evolved, no one could tell he was the son of Zapdoticor and a rambunctious Ditto of Kelly's. He used to be shy and never battle when he was an Eevee, but once Kelly added Xenarvenus the Eevee to his team he came out of his shell, imatating both parents. Before long he was skilled in battle and had numberous ribbons for cute contests. That's when Kelly let him evolve into a Jolteon and named him Thunderane. Now, as a Jolteon, he confidently follows Kelly's lead without shyness.

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Age: 9--?                Type: Fire
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #136 Flareon

SUMMARY: Found in a field of laurels, this elegant Flareon chose to follow Kelly home to her Ranch. While he's a very vain gentleman around Kelly, he could be quite a handful with everyone else. Deep down, he loves everyone but hates to show it. With unique green eyes, long curly fur as wild as a raging bond fire, Pyrolaurel is a beautiful Flareon.

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Age: 2                     Type: Fire
Gender: Male         Pokémon: #136 Flareon

SUMMARY: Flaminjava is Misticarly's twin--born from the same egg. They looked identical to each other when they were Eevee. Flaminjava grew slower in many repects but has always been quick in battle. He is usually quiet but perks up during battles, contests, and training. He has a slight crush on an Eevee named Clairinara who's in Kelly's Team One of the Eevee Evolutions, and he can usually be seen sitting in the garden talking to her on a sunny day. His eyes are a mezmorizing golden yellow.

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Age: UNKNOWN         Type: Grass
Gender: Female          Pokémon: #470 Leafeon

SUMMARY: While Rozaedalia doesn't battle, she's a pleasant Leafeon who loves gardening. She originally followed Kelly home from the woods one day and just settled in. Her favorite flower seems to be blue roses, which she diligently plants where she can. She's very affectionate with all humans. Her brother's name is Jadesofivy.

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Age: UNKNOWN      Type: Grass
Gender: Male           Pokémon: #470 Leafeon

SUMMARY: Shortly following Jadesofivy's sister's disappearance from the forest, a fire consumed the brush, forcing Jadesofivy to leave and take refuge at a Ranch. This Ranch happened to be the Greenridge Grand Pokémon Ranch owned by Kelly. This is the very same Ranch that his sister Rozaedalia ran off to. While Jadesofivy hopes to return to the forest once it's grown back, he spends most days with his sister, beautifying the garden, greeting passerbys, and assisting with herbal remedies.

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Age: 2                         Type: Ice
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #471 Glaceon

SUMMARY: Frostanyia and her sister were sent to Kelly as a gift from a friend in Sinnoh. But, no matter what, Frostanyia never warms up to Kelly and just sticks with her sister, who also remains cold as ice. The two, instead of battling, training, or traveling with Kelly, do their own thing at the Ranch. They're fine with other Pokémon, but Frostanyia always gets frazzled under stress. Thus she has little tolerance for others with playful personalities.

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Age: 1                         Type: Ice
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #471 Glaceon

SUMMARY: Crystalyce is Frostanyia's yonger (and cooler) sister who has serious attitude. Instead of being nice to people, her and her sister are often cruel and spiteful. They are usually left alone to do their own thing, but Kelly carefully watches them. Her theory for why they aren't friendly with people: they were probably over-trained as Eevee and now resent people. Crystalyce tries to be confident but is probably scared like Kelly thinks.

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Age: 2                         Type: Normal
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #133 Eevee

SUMMARY: Clairinara is the first Eevee of Kelly's to reach level 100 without evolving. Always holding an Everstone, Clairinara is afraid to change and likes being an Eevee. She is a hard-worker, nonetheless, and she is mild and pleasant to be around. Her favorite place on the Ranch is the garden and Kelly's soft, warm bed. She enjoys the company of all, especially Flaminjava, Kelly's Flareon.

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Age: 4                         Type: Normal
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #133 Eevee

SUMMARY: Xenarvenus only came to the Ranch to be cured of her problematic temper and to stop her from biting people. Within two years, though, she became docile and attached to Kelly, who now works on training and handling Xenarvenus along with her Original Trainer. Xenarvenus loves the Ranch and the other Pokémon from Kelly's Second Eevee Evolution team. She enjoys playing in haystacks in the barn.

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Age: 4                 Type: Fairy
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #700

SUMMARY: Nymphleona used to just be a lonely Eevee growing up in the big city. Nymphleona liked looking at the different styles of clothing and accessories worn by humans and dreamed of someday designing and wearing her own. Nymphleona and her shiny Eevee sister Meechietye remained strays, unloved and uncared for, until one day, while visiting the city, master Kelly found them, took them to her home, and showered them with the love and affection they so needed until they evolved into Sylveon, who now proudly have their own fashion and jewelry store called Sylveon's Bowtique!

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Age: 6                 Type: Fairy
Gender: Female         Pokémon: #700

SUMMARY: Meechietye, a shiny Eevee, never fit in with the other Eevee and only had her sister as a friend. She remained with her sister in the big city, marveling at the fashion of the people. Unlike her sister she preferred the styles she often saw at night, near clubs and concert venues. She hoped to someday create a boutique of these unique styles. Her and her sister remained dirty and homeless until Kelly found them, cleaned them up, and gave them the care they deserved until they evolved into Sylveon, who now happily have their own accessory store called Sylveon's Bowtique!

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Age: 25
Occupation: Master Trainer and owner of Greenridge Grand Pokémon Ranch
Hobbies: Farming, training, competing, rescue work
PokémonTeams: Eevee Evolutions Team One & Two
Other Frequently Used Pokémon: Rapidash, Altaria, Absol, Swampert, Ditto, Stareon

SUMMARY: Kelly Morgan Haynes is the owner of the Greenridge Grand Pokémon Ranch, which she inherited from her late Uncle Randy. She oversees everything at the Ranch. Most days she trains, competes and battles new challengers wishing to take her master trainer title, rescues Pokémon in need, and saves shiny and shadow Pokémon from the evil team known as "The Heartless Three." She makes a great trainer, an even better friend, and if anyone knows how to race Rapidash, it's her! Her first Pokémon was an Eevee she called "Little Eevee" sent to her by her parents. After her parents passed away, she focused extensively on training Little Eevee and discovered clans of Eevee and Eevee Evolutions in the forest behind the Ranch. Because of her love for all the Eevee Evolutions, she spent much time helping the wild Eevee and Eons. Many of her Eevee Evolution Teams were from these wild clans and chose to follow Kelly. Most will say Kelly is kindhearted and a true cowgirl and farmer at heart. Due to tricky circumstances and tragedy, she gets easily overwhelmed and can seem hotheaded, moody, or over-confident at times. Deep down, she wouldn't hurt any person or Pokémon, and she is well-known for her selfless heroic deeds and amazing accomplishments. Since befriending Cellestria, the ages-old powerful Espeon who chose her, Kelly has been able to use psychic powers to communicate with Cellestria and read and telepathically communicate with others. Cellestria's extraordinary power is matched by her sweetness and humility, often referring to Kelly as "Mother" or "Sister." Kelly is rarely seen without Cellestria by her side. They have become best friends over the course of time, helping each other to heal from their rough pasts of tragedy and betrayal.

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Age: 26
Occupation: Pokémon Coordinator
Hobbies: Cooking, Training, Exploring, Helping with New Pokémon at the Ranch
Main Pokémon: Mightyena, Absol, Sableye, Crawdaunt, Shiftry, Umbreon
Alternate Pokémon: Houndoom, Sharpedo, Liepard, Sneasel, Zoroark, Crobat

SUMMARY: Lukas Gothra is an admirer of dark Pokémon, and is a little dark and mysterious himself. He is very tall, dark, and handsome. He and his family are originally from Mahogany Town, Johto. He has three older siblings that went onto be accomplished Pokémon gym leaders and trainers. Lukas was the only one born in the Trysa Region on Trysa Island, coincidentally where Cellestria was before finding Kelly. His parents lived there from before Lukas was born until he was four to help their other older sons, Mortimer, Corrin, and Drako learn to master training Pokémon. Although his older brothers fancied Ghost, Psychic, and Dragon-type respectively, Lukas' first Pokémon he caught during his journey as a trainer was the dark-type Umbreon. It was love at first sight, and from that moment on, he caught mostly dark-type and studied their ways extensively. He became adept at battling, but preferred to compete in Pokémon competitions as a Pokémon Coordinator. During his travels in through the regions, he won first place in a contest in Greenridge, catching the attention of Kelly's (then alive and well) Uncle Randall, who asked him to join the staff at the Ranch. Although reluctant, he decided to join in an effort to learn more about Pokémon, as the Ranch was in a convenient location in Hoenn and many Pokémon experts lived close by. When Randall Haynes passed away and Kelly inherited the Ranch, she set up new battlefields and a Pokémon Contest Hall, which pleased Lukas. Despite his original coolness to Kelly, they became friends, working side-by-side, and eventually started dating. He's constantly trying to impress Kelly and loves spoiling her. Although, Lukas uses two main teams of dark-type Pokémon, he has caught over 200 different Pokémon of all types and sizes. Since his settling down at the Ranch, though, he less frequently travels to catch Pokémon and has grown indifferent to battling. He prefers to train Pokémon without fighting and batttling, and contest halls is where he loves to be. That is, when he's not in the kitchen trying out a new recipe.

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OTHER ORIGINAL CHARACTERS on this site include the fictional Larzania the Eevee found on Eevee's Log; Akádia the Espeon found on Espeon's Diary; and Rowan the Flareon found on Flareon's Journal. These characters are based on real people who ran the site, imitating their personalities and mannerisms. That is, if they were Eon Pokémon who were able to do things 8 or 9 year old human children do, such as go to school, play music, and create art in our modern-day world. These are just for fun fictional blogs are continually updated and written from the perspective of these Pokémon, hence the reason they can be found under Pokémon Blogs.