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Update ☆ June 6, 2017

I've been slowly recovering from my recent hospital admission, and I was doing good for about three weeks and now I'm feeling a lot worse. So, I really have no idea what's happening with this site. I'm thinking I may have to shut it down because I simp,y don't have enough help to run it. And, that really pains me to say, as we've been open for more than ten years... But most of this time with "coming soon" signs because I just can't keep the help motivated or do it all myself. I am also a mom of two kids, which takes up all my time, and I am chronically ill with multiple conditions affecting all aspects of my daily life. Besides this, I am trying to still start a non-profit organization/movement, and this needs to come before this fan site here. However, if by some miracle, I can get help on this site, yes, we will stay open. If you'd like to help by donating funds to keep it open or even volunteer as a staff member, please email me. I just got back into my email today after being locked out for a long while. I cannot guarantee anything, but I thought you all had the right to know some of this. ★ ♪


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