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Leafeon's Lovely Garden is a harmonious place to find and share eco-friendly tips & spread the love of living green.

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Topics In The Garden:

    Green Gardening: Why?
    Soil & Composting
    Pest Control
    Berries & Fruit

Green Gardening: Why?

Imagine biting into a fresh apple, not a polished one from the store, but a fresh one right from your own yard that you and your family grew together. The flavors explode in your mouth with each bite. As you chew every last bit of the meat from the apple, you toss the core into your new garden a ways off. Wiping the leftover juices trickling down your face from your fruity feast, you sit and enjoy the afternoon under the shade of your family's apple tree.

In a world dominated by work and cell phones, business meetings and traffic, computers and tablets, there is hardly any time at all left for meditation. Yet, wouldn't you rather be able to say you've experienced the pleasures of a garden than to just say you've only imagined it?

Why should you think about green gardening?

Gardening can be fun and helpful. Not only can it relieve stress, but it can also give you rich "fruits" literally. Gardening your own food can prove a healthy way of living, especially for people with conditions that prevent them from eating chemicals that are put on most foods in the grocery store. By growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs you'll be able to monitor what you are putting on and in your fruits.

Since the world's beginning, plants have been essential. They feed and clothe us in a unique way. Gardening is a privilege we all can make opportunities to enjoy. Even if you aren't an earthy type or you have a very busy schedule, if you find one way each day to live a little more naturally, you will feel refreshed. Putting aside your skepticism, if you learn to find your quiet time with your garden, you can also learn to live joyfully every day.

Whether you can look out our window in the morning at the garden blooming below or walk into your green house out back to smell the roses blooming, it is an experience no one can take away from you. Or, in your apartment, as you happily water those little pots in the window sill, you are responsible for helping that plant to grow. The little time you have to focus on the plants can also be your time of solace and meditation, and that is something we all need.

You can reap the fruits of the privilege of gardening. You can learn to make a green garden of your own!

Green Gardening: Soil & Composting

Gardening starts with the dirt. What do you do if you don't have good soil? You may want to consider starting a compost a year before you start the garden. It's a great way to recycle your garbage, and it's great for the soil.

    Things to put in your compost can include:
  • old vegetables skins seeds, and all
  • old fruit, skins, seeds, and all
  • egg shells
  • coffee grinds
  • newspaper
  • natural soap.

Don't put citrus fruits or anything with a lot of acid in the ground. This will upset the worms, which are your gardening co-workers.

How do you start your compost? Choose an area of land where you will put your garden in the future, dig enough earth out to make a decent-sized hole, and start dumping your waste in. Everyday after coffee, go out and put the filter and all in the ground and move the dirt over it. This is called tilling the land, essential in making the material decompose. The process of decomposing will make the soil very hot because of the increased bacteria. In order not to kill the good bacteria, moving the dirt around is essential. It ensures that the bottom layer never gets too hot and that everything gets a chance to decompose. When stuff decomposes in the soil, you'll be left with rich nutrients that are perfect to garden with. It will stink during decomposing, so make sure you don't get any on you.

Green Gardening: Pest Control

Where there is food, pests will gather. Plants appear to be an open invitation to bugs and animals alike, so you will have to employ pest control to make sure they know they're not invited to this party.

Garlic is an age-old trick to stopping bugs. Mix some fresh chopped garlic with hot water and spray it on the plant and fruit itself. This will keep little bugs at bay and won't harm the plant either.

To stop deers or rabbits from eating your veggies, some spicy black pepper or Irish Springs soap mixed with water sprayed around the base of the plant will do. The pepper will be too spicy for the critters to eat, and eventually, they will learn they shouldn't come to this garden for snacks.

The soap's strong scent deters the deers from nibbling on your feast and is good for the plant. The soap actually gives nitrates to the soil, the same thing that lightning does. It benefits the plant greatly. It helps it to grow stronger, and the best part is, it is all natural.

Fertilizers may boost the plants growth but are loaded with chemicals. Soap does the same thing as fertilizers without the harsh chemicals. Plus, your garden will smell good! But, really, it doesn't harm the plant or you and it keeps the deer and bunnies away. Just remember to always wash your vegetables off good before eating them.

Green Gardening: Vegetables

After faithfully working with the dirt, warding off pests, another trick for turning your thumb green is diligence.

    Some simple fast-growing vegetables to consider:
  • Green Beans
  • Snap Peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell Peppers
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach

Grow them in a pot, indoors or out. Follow all the instructions that come with the seeds or plant you've bought, and if you have any hang-ups, your friend Google probably has an answer.

Green Gardening: Herbs

Fresh herbs are gaining increasing popularity, and the store prices of herbs have gone up. More and more people are taking to growing them in their own home. Many stores sell kits so you can plant dozens of different potted herbs at the same time. These herbs can be used in cooking, seasoning, and even in certain aroma and herbal therapies.

For instance, parsley is not only great in sauces, but it is also a breath freshener. Cilantro is great in salsa and pasta salads. Fresh oregano tastes great on garlic bread. Herbs have so much flavor and purpose; if you try to find out more about them, you will really learn a lot, increase your cooking abilities, and may even help next time you're feeling under the weather.

How to start your herbal garden:

  1. Try growing your herbs, such as basil and parsley, in little pots inside. This prevents them from getting eaten by rabbits and other critters that would like to enjoy them, too.
  2. Place the seeds in a pot of peat and fill with enough water to dampen the soil, and then put in a sunny place.
  3. Water daily. Don't over-water, don't underwater, and with most herbs, you'll notice little sprouts coming up within a few weeks.
  4. As soon as the herbs are matured, pluck them off and use them. If they are left on the plant, they will turn to seed again.
  5. If you like using fresh herbs in cooking, but have a lot extra, freeze the plucked herbs in plastic bags. Add a little olive oil and garlic to the bag, and you can use it in sauces at a future time.

Green Gardening: Berries & Fruits

There's nothing like fresh sweet fruits. Fruits that are delicious to eat and easy to grow include berries. They're very tasty and have many uses. Among the most common berries are raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry. They can be used in fruit salads, berry parfaits, and strawberry shortcakes. They make naturally sweet and juicy desserts.

To start, choose a healthy plant that already has roots. This will be much faster than using seed, and by selecting a healthy berry plant before planting it you ensure that the fruit will be healthy.

Put your new plant in rich soil and water daily. In no time you'll notice a big difference.

Depending on the berry will depend on when the fruits are ripe and ready to be picked. Ripeness of berries range from June to late August.

You'll find that growing berries is as much fun as eating them. Any work that is needed to plant your own food is always reward by what you reap from it. The sweetness of your fruits increased with love and care.

On the other hand, fruit trees are not as easy to grow and take a very long time to give fruit. If you are interested in having fruit grown from trees, rather than little plants and bushes, start by ordering a tree from a local greenhouse or find a reputable one online. Make sure it's healthy and guaranteed to not die shortly after transplanting it, otherwise it will never produce fruit.

Planting fruit trees is great for the planet and will look beautiful in your yard. In the spring, the flowering blossoms will make your garden glow with beauty.

It can, however, take as long as a decade to reap any real fruit from a tree. Decide to plant from seeds and saplings if you want your tree to be for your children and your children's children to enjoy.



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