~Who's That Pokemon?~

Clue One: I can most often be seen in deep forests, but I also lurk near hospitals, to absorb fallen spirits.
Clue Two: I can sense when someone is going to die.
Clue Three: I will evolve again if exposed to a Dusk Stone.

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Clue One: I learn Drill Run at level 43.
Clue Two: I can dig around 30 miles per hour and run fast above ground, too.
Clue Three: I am a very friendly ground type Pokémon.

Answer: Drilbur

Winner(s): SnorlaxvsRaichu, PrincessIchigo, Meep, Lcatnip, Fexible, DistortionWorld

Clue One: I have an extremely high base Speed for a Water Pokémon.
Clue Two: I am a final evolution Pokémon as swift as a ninja.
Clue Three: My throwing stars are made of water, but powerful enough to cut through metal!

Answer: Greninja

Winner(s): SnorlaxvsRaichu, fea, Electridash, Naht, Pheobe

Clue One: My stomach juices can digest any type of poison.
Clue Two: I am a normal type Pokémon from Generation One with an ear for music.
Clue Three: In certain games, I will open my eyes when I faint.

Answer: Snorlax

Winner(s): SnorlaxvsRaichu, Fexible, Electridash02

Clue One: I am a very intelligent Dark/Fire Type that never abandons a friend!
Clue Two: I cry in different ways to communicate with others like me.
Clue Three:The first two moves I know are Leer and Ember.

Answer: Houndour

Winner(s): Eni, Pheobe, Naht, SnorlaxvsRaichu

Clue One: I am a generation four Pokemon who evolves when exposed to a Dawn stone.
Clue Two: Although Psychic, I'm known as the Blade Pokemon.
Clue Three: I am a master of courtesy and swordsmanship.

Answer: Gallade

Winner(s): SnorlaxvsRaichu, Eni, Fexible, Naht

Clue One: I am Steel/Psychic type, and I do not evolve.
Clue Two: If my trainer wishes, I can learn the move Doom Desire at level 70.
Clue Three: My "true eye" is located on my belly.

Answer:b Jirachi

Winner(s): Fexible, Eni

Clue One: I was the first Pokémon ever to be drawn up by Ken Sugimori. (Even before my pre-evolution form!)
Clue Two: Despite being a ground type, I can be learn the moves Rain Dance, Whirlpool, and Aqua Tail.
Clue Three: If I am traded holding Protector, I will evolve again.

Answer: Rhydon

Winner(s): Eni, Fexible