~Gaining Affiliates~

What does affiliation with another website mean?-- It means that you and another site--usually with a similar theme or interest--exchange traffic with each other. The term is actually Latin and is used to describe a "partnership between two or more parties."

Why does a website need affiliates?-- A website doesn't need affiliates, but it does help to have them. The whole point of affiliating is to get and give guests with other sites. So, if a person is browsing on one site that they enjoy and sees that you are an affiliate they are most likely going to click on a link to your site to see what your site is about. Thus, you'll get another hit from them and possibly, visit your site again and again.

If you are trying to get more hits, it's really important to affiliate with good sites. The reason most websites need affiliates is for the basic reason that it increases hits and status.

How can I get more affiliates?-- You can get more affiliates by visiting more sites with similar interests to yours, actually. If a slot for affiliate is open, read the rules and see if you qualify. Then apply for the position. Remember to always be courteous and polite, not desperate or demanding.

Sometimes it's suggested that you explain why you'd like to apply to be an affiliate. If this is so, then be honest. Do you want to affiliate simply to get more hits? Or, do you want to affiliate because you would like to be recognized as a partner of another site that you admire?

Once you are accepted as an affiliate, always do as the site instructs. If they ask that you add their button before you submit a request or that their button is displayed on every page, then follow those instructions! If you are a good affiliate, other sites will see that. More than likely, they will answer your requests to affiliate. They may even contact you first to affiliate with them. Have a section on your site explaining your affiliate rules and a place where other webmasters can contact you.

What should my affiliation rules be like?-- Be reasonable. Don't write down rules that you yourself don't live up to. If your site gets 20 hits a day, it's reasonable to ask that a site that wishes to affiliate with you also get 20 hits a day. Don't come up with something ridiculous like 200 hits a day, when your site has never reached that goal.

Don't be overly easy, either. Crack down on things like how often your prospective affiliate updates, what kind of content they contain, and how many overall pages they have. Evaluate how seriously they take their site. And, keep in mind their if content is questionable. Make your affiliation rules appeal to decent sites that have a likeness to yours--weeding out the lazy sites that won't last and holding off on the huge sites. You'll get to bigger affiliates as your site progresses. For now, make your affiliation rules clear, understandable, and most of all, attainable.