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Meet three original fictional characters: Larzania who writes Eevee's Log; Akádia who writes Espeon's Diary; and Rowan who writes Flareon's Journal. These characters are based on real people, written as Pokémon who do human things as 8 and 9 year olds, such as go to school, play music, and create art in our modern-day world. Enjoy these just-for-fun fictional blogs are continually updated and written from the perspective of these Pokémon.

Nov. 19th


Art show is only 2 weeks away!! I'm so excited!! I finished Akádia's raindrops *shudders* on the pretty purpley-pink flower painting. Why RAIN!?! WHY!!??!??? DXAnd, Larza still hasn't decided what she wants me to paint her, so forget her. XD But, anyway, I'm really looking forward to the art show!

We have some book report thing to do in school, too. I'm done. Finished the book in a day. Something about a funny vampire. It wasn't what I was expecting. I was hoping there would be more fire or pie or blood in it, but there really wasn't. It was just supposed to be silly. Oh, well. So, then I wrote the "one-page" book report. Spaced my words out a lot so it looked like I wrote a whole page. Told them what the book was about and that I didn't like it for the reasons I just stated above. Don't know what grade I'll get, but at least I got it done. Larza still hasn't picked her book yet. She's apparently fretting about having to read so many pages, but I'm like, "Dude, you could have read the book by now if you weren't worrying so much!" Well, I didn't say the "dude" part, but I might have said "dudette." I don't remember.

Meanwhile, I'm pulling my English grade up. Last time I checked it was a C+, and if I can nail this report and the next test we have, which is in December, I should have a B average. And, then I can sign up to take Japanese~! Horrah!!

I let Mr. Exploud listen to the jam that Grünz and I recorded this past weekend. And, he insisted that I join band next year because he thinks that I really am talented. And, I'm like "thanks, but there is no guitar position." And, I told him that I do guitar and that's it. There's no reason why I would consider joining unless there is a spot for guitars. He told me that he would talk it over with the director-of-whositwhatsit-somethinmajig... Okay, I wasn't really listening. But, he said, that maybe... maybe they would consider having a guitar position for me. So, that was cool.

Then, when I was talking with Larza in the hallway later that day, she told me that Akádia had talked to Mr. Exploud about voice lessons. And, he told her that she should consider doing chorus next year. The tryouts for chorus are the beginning of January. That's really something! I knew she liked singing, well, I sort of did, but I'm happy she is finally going to do something about it. And, come to think of it, I might want to join chorus, too, if she's there. Just cuz, ya know, we're good buddies. And, if she gets busy with chorus and I get busy with band, we probably won't see each other as much anymore, and that would be a shame.

The problem is I don't really like to sing. So the conundrum continues. Maybe I can ask Akádia to sing in the band with Grünz and me. Then, I'll have to ask Larza to play piano/keyboard, and she'll probably say yes and never do anything about it. But, at least, I know if I ask Akádia, and if she says yes, she'll keep her word. She is pretty dependable. And, because of stupid school now, we hardly get to hang out that much.

School is stinky.

*sniff sniff* And, so is something else... Aw, poo!! I forgot!! I left my pizza bites in the toaster oven! Got to go!!


Previous Entries

Nov. 15th

Don't cha wish your journal was hot like mine? Don't cha, Pie!

XDDD Yes, that title is completely random. But, I must blame it on all the kids on the bus yesterday listening to random songs. The songs get in my head before I can drown it out with some metal. *blasts some Metallica* There, that's better.

So, it's been a month since I've written. Not my fault. Blame the school system for burdening their juvenile younglings with such stupid audacity. I mean, c'mon. I had 3 hours of homework to do on a Thursday one week. ON A THURSDAY~! OMG! That's just wrong. It was all a bunch of stuff that I'll never be able to use in life anyway. Pfft.

But, my art show is going to be in a few weeks and I already finished my two pictures. My art teacher is completely stunned that I finished my pictures that fast. So, he keeps telling me to add more to them and work a little longer... take my time... and blah, blah, blah. So, I worked on them for about 10 minutes more and they were perfect. 100% perfect. I showed my teacher and he just gave up. He's like, "All right, then. Work on whatever you want until the art show." XP

So, I'm making a flower picture for Akádia. I was going to make it a flower with flames burning inside the pistons or whateveritscalled (failz @ botany). >_< But, when I told Akádia that I was making a flower pic for her she asked if I could paint pretty raindrops on the petals. Can you believe it? "Pretty raindrops"? It's like, why don't you pour acid on me?!? Eh, but whatever. I'll make her what she wants. After all, she rarely complains about anything anyway.

Larza... on the other paw--forget it! I asked her what she wanted me to make for her and she couldn't give me a straight answer. She's the most indecisive person in the universe! I just ended up telling her, "When you make up your mind, don't tell me because I'll probably be like 100 years old." And... then she whacked me over the head for saying that. But, it's true. It takes her forever to make up her mind.

Anyway, it's Saturday, so I'm going to go see if I can go over Grünz house today and maybe do some skateboarding. I mean, weekends should not be spent in the house reading or whatever. NO MATTER WHAT LARZA AND AKADIA WILL TELL YOU. Okayz. See ya later, 3.14. =P


Oct. 8th

Hello hello Hello how Low, Pie!

Did I tell you I got the highest grade in my art and music class? I DID! And, I didn't even cheat! XDDD

Mr. Exploud wants me to join band next year, but I don't know. I'm really good at guitar at home, but there is no "guitarist" position for band. Stupid! >_< Anyway, I think I'll form my own band. Larza can play the keys, Akádia can... um, do whatever she does, and I can play guitar. XDDD I think Akádia can sing really good, so I'd have her be our lead singer. That still means I need a drummer. My friend Grünz could probably do drums. He's been taking lessons for about 2 years. He's a year older than me, though.

Anywayz, I'm also in an after-school art class. I have art shows twice a year and they're awesome. I have one coming up before Christmas. For some reason, we are already starting to work on our pictures now. I'm doing one picture of a volcano on an island and another one of a Moltres in the night sky. XD Sounds cool, huh? I can't wait until they're finished!

Yeah, so I'm gonna go now because my stupid teacher gave me a super ton of homework to do. Then, I have to work on my pictures, practice guitar, and eat dinner. Kayz, bye-ez!


Sept. 26th

Heyz, Pie!

So... wanna hear some news--that most likely will not surprise you? Alright, well, here it is: I'M EPICALLY FAILING AT SCHOOL! Akádia and Larza are just shining away, getting awesome grades, while I'm struggling to figure out what the heck is expected of me in English class! Grrrr!!!

I mean, why does anyone need to go to English classes? We all can speak it just fine. Why do we need to learn how to write it? This totally doesn't pwn because if I don't get my D up to a B by the next report card I won't be able to take Japanese as a second language. And, I REALLY REALLY wanna take Japanese!

ARRGGGAH!!! School is unfair!


Sept. 10th

Hiya, Pie!

Okay, I'm so very bored with school. So bored, I'm not even going to write about school. I'd rather write about PIE! Yup. Or fire. Those are two things I never get bored of.

Oh, but funny thing, or more like disturbing, I'd like to say: Akádia actually *gulps* likes school. *reader faints* I know, I know! How could she?!? Has she lost her mind??? Larza and I think so. But, Larza said it's probably just because this is the first year of school for her. She homeschooled in years past. I think homeschooling must be majorly boring, unless you don't have to do work and you can goof off all day. But, when I ask Akádia if she did that, she said no. She actually works hard. And, at school, she makes me look bad because she's so into her work.

Pfft! But, whatever. Enough about her. I just got a new Pearl Jam album. Mwahaha! Yay! I listened to it all the way home from school, cuz my iPod of PWN-$0M3-N3$$ rawx. Yup, it's red... like fire.

Speaking of fire, I smell smoke. Oh, no! I've gotta take my tater-tots outta the microwave. I think I started a fire! Hehe, fire. G2G!


Sept. 8th

Hi Pie!

School is sooooo um.... what's the word.... Oh yeah! BORING! I almost fell asleep in math! But hey, you can't blame me! It was BORING! Rest of school is okay I guess, but I still think it's boring. Except lunch. Lunch is fun. Oh hey, I just noticed I wrote boring three times! Oh wait, I wrote it again! Make that four. I like the number 4. It's a good number. But not as good as eight. Or fire. Even though fire isn't a number.

Oh! Pie is good too. That's why I named my you, my journal, Pie! I like cherry, but Oreo is good too..... Mmmm.... Ugh, now I want pie! G2g ttyl. C'YA!


Sept. 5th

Hey Journal!

Journal needs name. Journal shall be named... PIE! Let's try again.

Hey, Pie!

Much better! So, 4th day of school. School's easy, but *boring*. The teacher is a super strict disciplinarian that never lets me light things on fire. No fun. I like my Art teacher, Mr. Smeargle, but HR teach, Mr. Mime, is just not my homie. Our Music teacher, Mr. Exploud, is boisterous.

So, Larza told me to start a journal like her and Akádia. Yup. Anyway, hw. G2G.



Flareon's Picture Name: Rowan         Gender: Male
Type: Fire                 Pokémon: Flareon
Age: 9 years old      DOB: Feb. 25

Hobbies: drawing, playing guitar, lighting things on fire, cooking
Faves: orange(s), red, fire crackers, art, PIE!
Dislikes: water, cake (pie's arch-enemy), pink, polka-dots, Gossip Girl, Twilight (*shudders*), and people that are always organized and punctual.
3 Wishes: pie, pie, and more pie!
On iPod: Nirvana, Staind, Live, Skillet, and other artists of PWN-$0M3-N3$$.
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