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~About The Pokémon Blogs~

Meet three original fictional characters: Larzania who writes Eevee's Log; Akádia who writes Espeon's Diary; and Rowan who writes Flareon's Journal. These characters are based on real people, written as Pokémon who do human things as 8 and 9 year olds, such as go to school, play music, and create art in our modern-day world. Enjoy these just-for-fun fictional blogs are continually updated and written from the perspective of these Pokémon.

Month: November
Day/Year: 10

Dear Self:


So, now my English teacher at school want us to choose a book from a list to read and write a book report. And, it needs to be at least a page long. Are you kidding me?! I am already swamped with everything else in school, and now they want me to make a report?? *failz*

And, they are only giving us 2 weeks to read the book and one week to write the report. The report is due the first day of December. I am not looking forward to this. Akádia said she already knows which book. I think she picked Emily The Strange, and I was like "Oh, that's strange!" lol. It was under the list of advanced reading.

Rowan says he's just going to skim whichever is the smallest book. So lazy. :P Well, so am I. *shot* I don't know what to do. I've been reading the list of books over and over again, and I don't really care for any of them. I told Akádia to pick out a book for me, and her first 3 picks were over 150 page books and the fourth pick was one 90 pages without any pictures. I'm like o_O SRSLY? The smallest book on the list is 80 pages, and that's the one Rowan's reading, but it's about Dracula or something stupid like that. And, I don't want to read that.

I actually saw a book called Highway Cats or something like that, and that one looked interesting, but it was still like 110 pages. And, I don't want to read anything over... uh, 1 page. lol. And, then that will be my book report also. :D Yeah, I really don't want to do this project.

In short, school is murder. That is all.

♥ Larza ♥

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Month: November
Day/Year: 5

Dear Self:

It's Wednesday... Slow day. I cleaned out my slightly messy room and was stunned. I was gasping, srsly! :OOO Under a pile of socks, I found you, my fuzzy log book.

*cuddles the fuzzy-ness* I was so relieved because Akádia keeps asking when I'm going to show her what I've been writing in my log (because she really wants to show me what she's been writing) and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I lost the book for like a month. Yikes!

But... now that I found it... "HURRAY~!" <3

Anyway, sorry for not writing in so long. ;_; The real reason is that school is tough and I haven't been able to clean my room and, honestly, you just got lost under a pile of clothes. I'm so sorry. n.n

I promise to write more when I have time. Bai~!

♥ Larza ♥

Month: October
Day: 4

Dear Self:

Okayz, so I found one of those cool bean quizzes and I decided to fill it out in here. Yay! ^-^

Here's what it sayz:

"Check the bands you've HEARD OF. Not just the ones you like. Be honest, people! If you really have never heard of them, don't mark it. It just makes you look faker."

[X] Weezer
[X] Paramore
[X] Panic! At The Disco
[X] October Fall
[X] The Academy Is...
[X] Coheed And Cambria
[ ] Bayside
[X] Yellowcard
[X] Sugarcult
[X] The Dresden Dolls

[X] Rascal Flatts
[X] Carrie Underwood
[X] Leanne Rhymes
[X] Garth Brooks
[X] Dixie Chicks
[X] Kenny Chesney
[X] Tim McGraw
[X] Faith Hill
[X] Shania Twain
[X] Johnny Cash

[X] Hawthorne Heights
[ ] Halifax
[ ] Forgive Durden
[ ] Amber Pacific
[X] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
[ ] From First to Last
[X] Senses Fail
[ ] Underoath
[ ] Something Corporate
[ ] Hit the lights
[ ] Dear Whoever

[ ] The Hush Sound
[X] Eisley
[X] Death Cab for Cutie
[X] Dashboard Confessional
[X] The Killers
[ ] Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[ ] Hot Hot Heat
[X] Gym Class Heroes
[ ] Franz Ferdinand
[X] Modest Mouse

[X] Slipknot
[X] System of a Down
[X] Disturbed
[X] Metallica
[X] Guns n' Roses
[X] Lamb of God
[X] Slayer
[ ] Hatebreed
[X] Killswitch Engage

[ ] Teddy Geiger
[X] Ashlee Simpson
[X] Kelly Clarkson
[X] Jesse McCartney
[X] Avril Lavigne
[X] Pink
[X] The Veronicas
[ ] Daniel Powter
[X] James Blunt
[X] Natasha Bedingfield
[ ] Ryan Cabrera

[X] hellogoodbye
[X] Cute is What We Aim for
[ ] Cartel
[ ] The Click Five
[X] Fall Out Boy
[ ] Lucky Boys Confusion
[X] Good Charlotte
[X] Bowling for Soup
[X] Relient K
[ ] Less Than Jake
[X] Simple Plan

[ ] Ying Yang Twins
[ ] T.I.
[ ] Paul Wall
[ ] Tupac
[X] Jamie Foxx
[X] Ludacris
[ ] Lil' Jon
[X] Outkast
[X] 50 Cent
[X] Kanye West
[ ] Notorious B.I.G
[X] Young Jeezy

[ ] Reel Big Fish
[ ] The Specials
[ ] Mad Caddies
[ ] The Aquabats
[X] Sublime
[X] No Doubt
[ ] Madness
[ ] Operation Ivy
[X] Bob Marley

[X] Taking Back Sunday
[X] All American Rejects
[ ] Motion City Soundtrack
[X] Avenged Sevenfold
[ ] Angels and Airwaves
[X] Evanescence
[X] My Chemical Romance
[X] Green Day
[X] Blink 182

[X] The Beatles
[X] Led Zeppelin
[X] The Rolling Stones
[X] The Who
[X] Pink Floyd
[X] The Doors
[X] Jimmy Hendrix
[X] Queen
[X] Van Halen
[X] Bob Dylan
[X] Simon & Garfunkel


Now multiply by two and put "I Am _% Obsessed With Music."

"I Am 156% Obsessed With Music."

Hey! Wow, that's over 100%! Yay! O:

Lawlz. I knew all the classic rock bands all by myself! Yayz! And, thanks to being friends with Akádia I knew all the country groups! And, of course, if you are friends with Rowan you get to know a lot of Metal, some Emo, and Alternative. Hurray for my friends! *glomps* n-n

<3 Kayz, Bye!!

♥ Larza ♥

Month: September
Day: 26

Dear Self:

Yay! A new Friday! *starts singing randomly* *shot*

So, I've got more homework to get to now, but at least I have 3 boxes of Pocky left keep me busy in between! n-n YAY! Pocky! *shot* O:

Anyway, my biggest news is that Rowan & Akádia have declared me to be a "smiley addict." I actually looked it up online and it's a real thing. It's people who use smilies too frequently and can't stop are called smiley addicts! But, I have to say Rowan uses the XD smiley a lot, too. XDDD And, well, Akádia doesn't really use them that much, but she likes the =3 smiley and uses it when we're IMing each other. And, I'm told I over-use the O: smiley. O: lawlz.

Oh, hey, I got a new poster for my room! It's got a piano and guitar on it! It's so beautiful! ^-^ Akádia helped me pick it out last week.

We ended having Rowan come with us to the mall, but once he went in Hot Topic, we couldn't get him out. Reason 1: I wouldn't go in there. >-< Reason 2: When Akádia went in there to get him out, she ended up staying in there to check out the jewelry and tees. @[email protected] So, then, I lost both of them. O: But, it was okay, because eventually they came out & we all went to the food court and had ice cream! Yay! Ice cream! n_n

Anyway, like I said, I've got more homework, so I'm going to say "Bye!" now. Bye! O:

♥ Larza ♥

Month: September
Day: 19

Dear Self:

TGIF! =D I've been so swamped with school, this is like the one day I can start to relax. I'm so sorry for not writing in you in like a month, but school's a real killer. D<

Akádia, for some reason, is absolutely in love with school. Rowan, on the other paw, hates the work, loves the play, and does the weirdest things during lunch. Lemme put it this way, french fries and chocolate milk really should not mix. lawlz. But, Rowan hasn't figured that out yet! =3

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to go to the mall with Akádia. Yay! We'll probably go to FYE so I can get a new CD and more Pocky. Yay! Pocky! *nom nom nom* ^-^ Maybe I should have Rowan go, too. He loves Pocky. n_n

Aghagha! O: I'm being told to get back to my homework now. Bye!!!

♥ Larza ♥

Month: September
Day: 1

Dear Self:

Yes, a new book to write my log in! Yay! After the other one got burned (we can thank Rowan for that!), Akádia got me this new one. I really like it. Fuzzy cover!

So... let's recap: I'm Larzania, or, as all my friends call me, Larza. I've kept a journal for about a year now-- just for fun. I'm hoping that my two friends--Rowan & Akádia-- will start a journal soon, too. Bye!!!

♥ Larza ♥

Sorry, no previous entries into this journal. Entries from Larzania's last journal were discarded.


Eevee's Picture Name: Larzania Nickname: Larza         Gender: Female
Type: Normal                                        Pokémon: Eevee
Age: 9 years                                          DOB: January 13

Hobbies: writing, baking, reading, weaving, playing piano
Faves: music, books, parties, concerts, piña coolatas, not rain >_<
3 Wishes: 1. a new laptop, 2. World Peace, of course, 3. new Wii!!
On iPod: I don't have an iPod! *cries* But, I like The Spice Girls, One Direction, Alicia Keys, and (don't shoot me) Justin Bieber... *shot*
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