Current contests: Pokémon Calendar Contest & Catch the Kiriban Contest!

Pokémon Calendar Contest:

How to Enter:

Draw one or more of the scenes listed below and follow the rules.
Send the pictures to pokemon.trainers[at]yahoo.com. (Include your name, email address, scene that you've chosen to draw, and any caption your picture may need.)
Send it to me before December 15th, 2015. Winners can opt to recieve a free completed calendar in the mail.

No stolen images or graphics you didn't personally make.
No animated images. Save file as PNG, GIF, or JPEG, please. (Can also be hand-drawn and then scanned onto the computer.)
Do not make the calendar. Only draw the picture.
Make your picture the appropriate size. (size: 1000x1000)
Don't add text to the picture. Credit & captions will be written on the calendar by us.

Scenes To Choose From:
Umbreon with a starry, cloudy background.
Glaceon sledding through the snow.
Sylveon in a candy shop.
Leafeon and another grass-type Pokémon of your choice in a meadow.
Vaporeon and Castform caught in a rain shower.
Eevee and another normal-type Pokémon at a playground.
One of the Eevee Evolutions as a teacher in front of a blackboard that says "so I herd u liek mudkip."
Jolteon on a mountain with lightning striking in the background.
Espeon with a fashionable scarf or necklace in town window shopping.
Pikachu with a ketchup bottle.
Flareon sleeping by a fireplace.
Any of the Eevee Evolutions jumping in a pile of colorful autumn leaves.
Glaceon and an ice-type Pokemon building a snowman (or Pokéman~!)
Three starter Pokémon from ANY generation with their type symbol (fire, water, grass) behind them.

Catch the Kiriban Contest: TEMPORARILY DISABLED

How to Enter:
Visit Stareon's Hideout & have friends visit to try to be on the site when the Site Meter displays the palindrone 16,061 unique guests that have visited and screenshot the image.
Send the screenshot to pokemon.trainers[at]yahoo.com. (Include your name, email address, and screenshot of the kiriban.)

Catch it legitimately; don't just doctor up a picture. If you miss it, don't worry, there will be more kiribans.
An award will be sent to you after successfully capturing the kiriban. One other request (graphics, codes, avatar, etc.) will be taken at that time.
Have fun & try to catch 'em all!