~Sylveon's Bowtique~

Welcome to Sylveon's Bowtique!! My name's Nymphleona. My sister Meechietye is running some errands at the craft store, but she'll return shortly.

Here at our boutique you will find all sorts of accessories, jewelry, and fun items to dress up with! It's Accessorizing Time!

Contact us to request a custom trinket! We love fulfilling custom orders so you can be uniquely one-of-a-kind and bedazzle others!!

$15 per bracelet, $5 shipping and handling.
For large orders, multiple purchases, size extensions, or custom orders, contact @kellykittenkins on Instagram, Twitter, or via email or on Etsy.
Love& Bracelet Styles
Red Represents Family Commitment

Orange Represents Respecting Wildlife

Yellow Represents Happiness

Green Represents Peace with the Earth and Sea

Aqua Blue Represents A Time for Harmony

China Blue Represents Art

Purple Represents Hope for a Cure

Pink Represents Childhood

Each hand-made bracelet is uniquely one-of-a-kind. Bead colors and designs will vary slightly.

Love& Bracelet Styles

What is so special about this shop? I am trying to get my craft business off the ground so I can eventually make enough money to start an organization I'm going to call "Love Speaks Louder Than Words." LSLTW is a unique nonprofit organization designed to help families in need, such as but not limited to:

❤ Parents or children dealing with an ongoing chronic illness
❤ Children dealing with a learning disability
❤ Children suffering from mental or emotional health issues
❤ Families suffering from recent loss of employment
❤ Families with a new premature baby, unexpected baby, or multiples
❤ Parents or children recovering from a tragic accident

The program focuses on giving hope to families going through tough times by offering support and encouragement, as well as monetary funds and some physical provisions needed. Once a month a different family is chosen to receive all the funds collected that month to spend on what they need, such as paying for medical treatments, tutoring services, paying off debt, giving sick children a much needed vacation, paying for groceries, et cetera.

The family is interviewed ahead of time and their story shared with local newspapers and available to be read online, at the family's discretion, to help raise awareness for their needs and to highlight the battle they're going through and how they've endured. They are then added to an online database where people can continually sponsor them or even just send comforting thoughts and cards to help boost morale.

Each family receives a little care package with information and items that pertain to their needs, including support groups they can join that will help, literature designed to provide hope and encouragement, and even foodstuffs or other donated materials, depending on their needs, current community support, and fundraising efforts.

People have real needs now and they are not just limited to one category. Together we can raise awareness of these needs and help support each other through difficult times, learning to find more happiness in giving, and helping to give a little relief to those suffering. Each of us carries a load from day-to-day, but some have been carrying these loads for a long, long time and some of these burdens are very heavy. It's okay to ask for help carrying on.

In this way, truly we can see "Love Speaks Louder Than Words."

So, each purchase goes towards helping to build this idea and turn it into a reality. For now, if I can raise enough money to get it off the ground, I'll be one step closer to accomplishing my dream.