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~Win An Award~

Have a site? Like to win an award for it? See which awards you may qualify for then send us a message of why you think you should get that award. Include your name and site's name and site address. We'll check it out and tell you which award we think is right for your site! The application for these awards are always open and available to any site that qualifies; no deadlines, in other words.

**Awards shown below have added effects and words to them to eliminate people from stealing them. If you win one of these award, the effects and words will be taken away, so your award will look normal.**
Awards to apply for:

Mirage Award
Mirage Award: Goes to a site that has excellent graphics and creative content. For an above average site that has a high fan status and rating. For having a "spell-binding" site! Apply if you think you have an A+ site.

Cellestria's Award of Excellence
Cellestria's Award of Excellence: Goes to a site that has decent graphics and some unique content. For an intuitive site that has a regular stream of people that enjoy visiting. For a new or experienced webmaster that impresses us! Apply if you think your site is excellent.

Master Kelly's Best Webmistress Award
Master Kelly's Best Webmistress Award: Goes to the webmistress that shows dedication despite challenges. Must show genuine friendliness and helpfulness to other webowners. For a progressive webmistress that is always reaching out for more. Only webmistresses/girls can apply!

Lukas' Best Webmaster Award
Lukas' Best Webmaster Award: Goes to the webmaster that shows dedication and stamina. Must be friendly and helpful to other webowners. For a dedicated webmaster that sticks to his guns and likes trying new things. Only webmasters/guys can apply!

More awards to apply for to come soon!

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