~Help With Art Block~

Welcome to your first Art Block history lesson! :D This page will tell you everything you know(and some things you don't want to know) about Art Block.

Ready? Get your pencils. c:

Let's start with an easy question.

What is Art Block?

Though the term Art Block isn't in the dictionary, we do have a definition for it.

Art Block [n]: A temporary psychological inability to draw anything decent or come up with an idea for a picture.

Writer's block is almost the same as art block, except writer's block has a definition in the dictionary, and affects your writing ability, not your drawing ability. Contrary to popular belief, Art Block is not contagious. Which bring us to our next important question.

How do I get rid of Art Block?

You can do lots of things to get rid of Art Block. It's all a matter of inspiration. Go somewhere peaceful and try to draw the things around you. Bring paper and a pencil so you can sketch things you find. Listen to music, and try to draw what you think the singer is feeling. These are just a few of the things you can do to stop Art Block from taking over your mind.

Taking a break is another option. Get off the internet for a week or so, and clear your mind. Go out and have fun with your friends. Take your mind off drawing for a while. Don't stress yourself by trying to draw four things at once. Remember, you don't have to finish every request/commission/whatever before a certain date. You can have a life.

Let's move on to our next question.

Can Art Block be a good thing?

Sure, Art Block can be a good thing. If you have ten requests/commissions to do, and you don't feel like drawing them just yet, Art Block can be a good thing. You can feign Art Block, too. Just like you feign sickness so you won't have to go to school, you can feign Art Block so you don't have to draw requests or commissions. The problem with feigning Art Block is that you can't really draw anything else while you're 'sick'.

Feigning Art Block is not suggested, though(nor is feigning sickness to get out of going to school). If you don't want to draw your requests/commissions, then just tell the people who requested art that you are too busy to draw/don't feel like drawing their picture for them at the moment, and you'll work on it when you can.

Well, that ends our Art Block seminar. Hopefully the information here can help you to cure your Art Block and get back to drawing the things you love.

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