~Advice About Anti-Pokémon~

What is Anti-Pokémon?
Pretty simply, it's someone who's against Pokémon, often hating or strongly disliking it. This is sometimes shorted to someone's who's AP. It was a movement that started in the late 90's, shortly after Pokémon came out, however, since the mid-2000's, most AP sites have closed and much of the flaming and prejudice has been decreased or lessened. This caused another movement, called Anti Anti Pokemon, to start, in which people created sites and pages defending Pokémon and retorting to the lies AP caused. A well-known site that does this is our sister site, We All Live In A Pokémon World, one of the biggest defenders against Anti-Pokémon on the web. This site contains a cornucopia of information, much more than can be found here, to defend Pokémon against attacks.

Why the hate?
Sometimes it comes from misinformation about about Pokémon, having a wrong viewpoint from something someone told them or listening to what the media may portray Pokémon to be. Often times, it is truly ignorance. Many have called Pokemon extremely childish or uninteresting.

Pokémon, however, isn't just for babies. In fact, the show can be enjoyed by open-minded adults with a good sense of humor. Keep in mind that Pokémon is much more than just an animé. Many who have outgrown the Pokémon television show, may find they still enjoy the manga, collecting cards for the beautiful artwork, playing the different Pokémon video games, or creating their own fanworks. While it's rare to have an adult to understand and love Pokémon, those that do are rare treasures who can tell you how great Pokémon are.

Although the Pokémon show isn't a soap opera, sit-com, crime drama, or murder mystery, it can be a combination sometimes. Dramatic yet funny, mysterious yet predictable, exciting yet serious, Pokémon plots aren't always the same. They follow a similar pattern and a certain formula, which is common of most shows, such as Team Rocket's continued appearances and blunders. Pokémon promote creativity. There is a different favorite Pokémon for everyone! With a clean, witty sense of humor, the Pokémon series explores real issues in a way that kids and adults can follow. For over 15 years, Pokémon has entertained, not only a twelve and under audience, but teenagers, adults, and parents who are able to enjoy the cartoon, games, and other Pokémon memorabilia along with their kids.

Some people however state that, for social or religious reasons, Pokémon is unacceptable because it is violent, destructive, or contains animal abuse. This is a big misconception. True fans know that Pokémon is in no way like this at all. Far from fighting, Pokémon are all about people getting along with these creatures that resemble and represent animals. In the Pokémon world, as people train their Pokémon, much like horse or dog trainers, they partake in something called a battle. This is a way of training and challenging the Pokémon's and trainers' skills. No Pokémon are actually hurt during a battle, just worn out, and no Pokémon ever dies; when they are unable to battle, it is said they have "fainted." The Pokémon are immediately healed after the battle at a Pokémon Hospital, a sort of free clinic for trainers. Instead of promoting violence, Pokémon teaches friendship, teamwork, helpfulness, charity, determination, and hard work.

Although certain episodes were be debatable, a few episodes were banned, but any fan can tell you that Pokémon remains a clean series to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Internet-feed Pokémon content is not always official. Don't let inappropriate memes and racy trends not Nintendo-officiated determine your vote. People can make anything bad. This does not mean the actual show, trading card game, or video games are bad. The writers and creators made Pokémon for clean, fun entertainment for those ten years old and up. Anything found online that doesn't fit that criteria is most likely not official.

How to treat those who are Anti-Pokémon?
If you have had to deal with people who are anti-Pokémon, you may be sick of hearing or seeing people bashing Pokémon. Instead of being the bigger person, it may feel okay to stoop down to the AP's level and spam, flame, and try to destroy sites or to yell at or make fun of something that an Anti-Pokémon person likes in real life. This isn't correct behavior, but sadly a lot of people think that it's okay. Pokémon haters are not right, but becoming hostile doesn't change anything.

Those who are open-minded, tolerant, and accepting will feel better and happier about themselves and others. Taking this stand of not returning evil for evil, as it were, will make you feel better and will make you the bigger person. As for those who want to hate, they'll be hating of no benefit to them whatsoever. So kill them with kindness, be confident in what you like, and don't surrender your beliefs because of someone's ignorance. Remember that two wrongs don't make a right. (But, do three rights make a left!!)

What if you know someone that hates Pokémon just because?
Yeah, what if they have no good reason to hate Pokémon? What if you tell them all that was said above and they are still determined to hate Pokémon and have nothing to do with it? Well, that's their choice, but don't let it influence the way you treat them. Accept others for who they are, and be confident in who you are and what you love. Although, Anti-Pokémon isn't right, returning the hate will not make you feel better. No one really has the right to hate, flame, or bully others for who they are or what they love.

Just because they don't like something you like or love shouldn't make you treat them poorly, even if they treat you poorly. That would be immature and foolish, and it makes other Pokemon fans look bad, too. Like maybe you are one of those people that really really hates a certain teen band but likes Pokémon. It will make you look bad if you go bashing their band for "being corny" and giving no real reason, but you expect them to respect how much you like Pokémon. In a way, Pokémon and that band could be very similar, in that they both are under attack by people that don't like or misjudge them. Both are possibly clean forms of entertainment that appeal to kids.

The point is, if you expect others to respect you, including those who are unswervingly Anti-Pokémon, you must first respect them, and others. The primary Golden Rule is to treat others as you want to be treated. If you are kind to people that hate your choice of liking Pokémon, you may one day win them over as friends, even if they never come to like Pokémon.

What if the AP are flaming, spamming, or ruining my site's reputation?
Although this is rare nowadays, you should take some sort of action. Spamming and flaming are just wrong! It shouldn't be tolerated. Ask them nicely to stop and if they don't you have full rights to report them to their Internet provider, ask them to leave, or ban them and prevent them from coming back. Be cool, logical, and don't get over-run with emotion.

Don't resort to anger by "yelling" back at them. LIKE DON'T WRITE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS AND TELL THEM TO GET LOST! This just means that they provoked you like they intended. Keep your cool. Again, remember to treat all people respectfully, even when they are disrespectful. This may surprise them and cause them to stop or get bored and go away.

If you do happen to notice an Anti-Pokémon spammer or flammer, it will be best to give other webmasters, affiliates, and your friends' sites a head up while AP is on the loose, so that they they can be prepared with AAP. If you have the Anti-Pokemon Spammer/Flamer's IP address, you can usually ban them right then and there. If they start to spam your email, you can also block their address. If they are spamming a guestbook, comment box, or forum (places for the general public to comment), there should be an option on your control panel where you can ban or freeze certain parties accounts. It's best to check that now so that you'll know what to do when or if the occasion occurs.

If you ignore them, sometimes they'll just go away. It's probably best just to politely tell them to stop and leave and if they don't listen, ban them electronically so they can't come back and make more trouble. Don't go and get their email and start spamming them back because that is rather immature and childish and as a webmaster and Pokémon fan be dignified. Although, it is tempting to just get angry, try not to. Don't call them names, be overly sarcastic, swear, or "yell." You represent all Pokémon fans when forced into a situation like that. Defend this with honor.

No matter what, there are thousands upon thousands of other Pokémon fans out there that have dealt with some sort of antagonism in the past. You aren't alone.

Anti-Pokémon now Anti-[insert something else you will like here] in the future?
There will always be someone who doesn't agree with what you like or do. Don't become a people-pleaser who bends to the whims of every opinion and comment. Don't become hard-hearted and bully back. Don't crumble under the pressure and feel bad for what you enjoy. Be confident in yourself and please those that matter. Examine your motives of why you like what you like and help other people to understand that.

Remember that, whether others are wrong or not in the way they treat you, always try to remain calm. Say what you must in your heart, but always be the bigger person. Take the higher road. It may be Anti-Pokemon that you contend with now, but someday it'll be something else you like that people will pick on. It could be your style, where you work, how you talk; it doesn't matter. People will choose petty things to make into big deals. When you are the Anti-Anything one, you put yourself in a very lonely role of hating something and someday you'll regret it.

In conclusion, whatever you believe in, be dignified about it. Stand strong, stand straight, stand proud!