Take a look at these AMAZING puzzles, mazes, and pictures searches! All these great games are based off of characters found only on Stareon's Hideout and are available for you to print and complete on your own time. Take these puzzles along with you on-the-road or complete them in your spare time at home!

Click on the mazes below to download their full size and print them.

Help Ghost find the Star Stone.

Help Zapdoticor rescue his friend Aquaseasta in the Power Plant. Avoid enemy Pokémon along the way.

Starnestra, the Umbreon, needs your assistance finding Pyrolaurel, the Flareon, in this dark, scary cave. The mission is to find Pyrolaurel, avoid wild enemy Pokémon, and collect the most amount of items.

Choose the path with the most bubbles for Stareon to pop!