~All The Rules~

Basic Rules
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Basic Rules: No swearing, flaming, spamming, or being rude allowed at all. Don't advertise for sites that don't share the same conduct as we do. When submitting something to us, please keep in mind your language and what you are sending in.

Language: A quick and fast rule to try instead of reading pages of rules: just talk nicely! This is a children's site, no matter what you think and the rules should be respected. No dirty language, connotations, or incentives to wrong conduct. You will be banned, if you don't adhere to this rule.

Spamming & Flaming: There is no spamming allowed because spamming is just annoying. Flaming is undesirable, and we don't appreciate it. If you are upset, don't take it out on others. Don't flame sites. If there is something wrong, e-mail me and nicely tell me the problem.

Advertising: I'm sorry, but I don't accept any type of advertising for non-kid-friendly sites. This is not to say I won't advertise for your site if I find it appropriate. Make sure you have no bad language, no hentai/pornography, no dirty jokes, no prejudice/biased comments, or any adult advertising on your site. If I see that your site does not fit into my rules, I will remove your comment or advertisement from my site immediately.

Graphics: So you want to send in art? Some rules: One, no porn, yaoi, or yuri at all. That also includes indecent clothing, erotic posing, or sexual pictures. Two, no graphic, realistic, harmful, or glorified violence. Three, no extreme blood and gore. If we think it is offensive, we'll send it back to you and tell you what should be changed in order to be accepted. If you don't want to change your art to the rules, then we can't accept it on our site.

Literature: No swearing, no bloody scenes, no sexual misconduct, and no violence. If something is wrong and doesn't fit the rules, we'll send it back to you and ask you to change it. If you don't want to change your material or replace or cut out certain things, then it doesn't come on this site. Another little thing to keep in mind is size and formatting. A basic formatting will be posted faster than one with complicated formatting and fonts. You should keep your fiction or poem under 10 pages, or break it into chapters. It shouldn't be less than a paragraph, unless it's a haiku or mini poem.



How To: First, read the requirements below. Go to the Contact Us page, complete the form, and press send.

All affiliates must meet these requirements: site rating: G, no stolen content, mostly about Pokémon or animé, kid-friendly.

We prefer sites with: hit counters, little to no ads, NO pop-ups, and no pre-made layouts.

Ready to apply? Visit the Contact Us page and include the phrase "I am ready to affiliate" somewhere in your email. If you do not include this, we'll assume you didn't read the rules.