~About Us~

Online Name: BLURSH
Name in Katakana: ブルーッシ
Offline Name: Kelly
Position: Webmistress
E-mail: pokemon.trainers[at]yahoo.com
Other Website(s): BLURSH's Fanfics, Route50

Nickname(s): BLURSH, Blue Rush, Icy-chan, Kells, Kell-Bell, Silva

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Language(s):English, asi-asi Espanol, bara knappt kan läsa svensk, absolutely no French

Favorite Plants: Lilly of the Valley, Grape Hyacinth, Spider Chrysanthemum, Black Magic Roses

Most Shown Quality: Courage

Favorite Color(s): Black, Purple, Blue, Purlack, and Blurple

Favorite Element: Water/ Ice

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Country/State: Sweden and New York

Another place you'd rather be: the bottom of a sunlit sea

One wish would be: to get along with everyone

What you hope for: peace, love, and vegetables to prevail. Hippie at heart. <3

I've always feared: satellites

If I could have any superpower it would be: phasing/ghosting, aka walking through walls.
Why? Maybe hurtful comments would go right through me and not affect me so much.
My favorite superhero and/or heroine: Rogue

Online Name: Fexible
Name in Katakana: フェクシバル
Offline Name: Olivia
Position: Co-Webmistress
E-mail: fexiled[at]yahoo.com
Other Website(s): Route50, Tumblr, Twitter

I'm a(n) human of the female variety who procrastinates far too much.

I love to waste my time on the internet.

My hobby(ies) is(are) drawing, gaming, reading, and writing.

To me family is everywhere.

I let people be whoever they want to be.

I'm also a big dumb Star Trek nerd.

Nickname(s): Let's just stick with Fex.

Birthstone: Topaz/Citrine

Favorite Plant: Trees, specifically birch and maple.

Most Shown Quality: I think this a question other people have to answer for me.

Favorite Color(s): Reds and oranges, autumn colors!

Favorite Element: Water

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Animal: Cats!

One wish would be: To have more time and energy.

What you hope for: A fresh start.

I've always feared: Spiders and all insects, especially ones that can bite.

If I could have any superpower it would be: Time control.
Why? To give myself more time to do things.
My favorite superhero and/or heroine: Iron Man.

Online Name: Snorlaxaichu9254
Offline Name: Justin
Position: Co-Webmaster
E-mail: jb_chameleon[at]live.com

I'm a(n) mild-mannered financial consultant who doubles as a super-detective-artist.

My hobby(ies) is(are) drawing, reading, tennis, and writing.

To me family is like a pack of trading cards. Some are awesome (BLURSH!), some rare, some shiny, and some you see too much.

I let people be my accomplices, my family (mafia style).

I'm also more interested in Converse, Dixon Ticonderoga, lighthouses, Doctor Who, and beatboxing than the average person.

Nickname(s): Snorlaxaichu or SnorlaxvsRaichu or Snorlax

Birthstone: Umm...chrysoberyl

Favorite Book: David Copperfield or The Moonstone

Most Shown Quality: Enthusiasm

Favorite Color(s): Blues that cry cerulean

Favorite Element: Water

Favorite Season: Autumn (or salt)

Favorite Animal: Dogs, Chameleons, Cats, Beluga Whales, everything...

Favorite Pokémon: Munchlax-Snorlax

Pokémon I'm most like: Water Starter. Let's call it a Mudkip.

Animal I'm most like: Dog

One wish would be: Hug all animals.

What you hope for: Health and happiness for those I love.

I've always feared: Mewtwo not coming back to Smash Bros..

If I could have any superpower it would be: Super-speed.
Why? I have patience issues.
My favorite superhero and/or heroine: The Flash (II, Barry Allen, 1956).